Kelly Ripa and Mark Talk Up Their Daughter Lola’s Debut Single Which is Coming Out Soon!

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are pleased to be parents — to a musician! On Wednesday, Ripa and Consuelos expressed their excitement for their daughter Lola Consuelos’ upcoming debut single, “Paranoia Silver lining,” which is due to be released on August 9.

Kelly Ripa, 51, announced the news on her Instagram Story, captioning a snapshot of Lola, 21, smiling, “6 DAYS UNTIL LOLA’S FIRST SINGLE IS OUT.”

She also shared a TikTok video in which Lola teased the song with a clip. Mark, 51, also announced the news on Instagram.

Kelly Ripa and Mark are also parents to Michael, 25, and Joaquin Antonio, 19, and they are never afraid to speak up for their children.

Kelly Ripa commemorated Lola’s 21st birthday in June with a series of baby images, and she discussed her intentions during an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Talk Up Their Daughter Lola's Debut Single Which is Coming Out Soon!

“It’s Lola Consuelos’ 21st birthday,” Kelly Ripa told the audience. “We’re waiting for her to return; she’s now in Europe.” Lola, indeed.” “She’s actually looking for an apartment for her education abroad,” the mother of three added.

“I thought, ‘That’s funny.'” People usually find rentals by browsing online, finding an apartment, and then turning there and being disappointed.

Although the trip was unplanned — “she really had a trip planned,” according to Ripa — the overseas getaway is Lola’s “final hurrah.”

“After that, she’s off the family breast,” she joked. Ripa then went through the photographs she was permitted to post on her Instagram Stories.

“Because my daughter was born on Father’s Day, you must take a photo of infant Mark Consuelos with Baby Lola,” she explained.

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While discussing the photographs, Ripa reminded fans that she called into Live! Immediately after giving birth to Lola. “She was born at 6:30 a.m., but I called in because Gelman had booked the show.”

“He was like, ‘Try to be out of their by 9:15,'” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Guys, I’ve got to go on the air.'” When it comes to content, you think making eggs is impressive.

“I was thinking, ‘If only we could speed up this c-section!'” Mark, a proud father, also honored his daughter’s special day on Instagram with flashback photos.

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“Happy 21st birthday, @theyoungestyung…” We are so proud of you!! “I adore you, lollipop!!!” Ripa praised Lola’s effortless style in an interview for PEOPLE’s inaugural Family Issue in 2020, while Lola admitted to borrowing a few of her mother’s crop tops in the past because she “wanted something that showed off my shape.”

“If I had your figure, I’d be showing it out too,” the talk show host replied. “I’d be sitting here naked,” she jokingly stated. “I’d be sitting here in the woods, naked.”

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During the same interview, Mark stated that after having a daughter, he never imagined letting Lola out of his sight. “As protective as I expected to be when she was born, and I was holding her in my arms, I’ve mellowed a little, he admitted. “Because I’m well aware of what a terrific head she has on her shoulders.”

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