Kylie Jenner Has Just War an All-out Comment War Against Makeup Artist Kevin James Bennett!

In case you haven't heard, Kylie Jenner and her makeup artist Kevin James Bennett have been at the center of a drama that has been playing out on Instagram.

The trouble started when Kylie uploaded a post on her grid that contained photographs and videos of her “in the lab creating new magic” for the customers of her Kylie Cosmetics line of products.

Kylie can be seen in the photographs and videos in question donning a lab coat but no other personal protective equipment (PPE) as she inspects equipment, leans over containers of brightly colored cosmetic concoctions, and even scoops ingredients from one glass beaker into another.

These activities take place in the laboratory. It is quite evident that the content was created to give the impression that Kylie is conducting research on makeup and actively participating in the creation of new Kylie Cosmetics merchandise.

Kylie Jenner provided some further background information for her fans in an accompanying TikTok video that was uploaded on the same day.

Kylie Jenner Has Just War an All-out Comment War Against Makeup Artist Kevin James Bennett!

She told them, “We are in Milan for 24 hours to tour all the beauty manufacturers to check on new Kylie Cosmetics items coming.”

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Makeup artist Kevin James Bennett, who instantly dedicated a post on his Instagram grid to calling Kylie out for exactly that, saw what may have appeared to some as harmless brand promotion picture ops but was, in fact, more of a glaring safety policy breach to others.

Kevin reshared several of Kylie's images from the lab in his post, along with a lengthy caption explaining exactly why he felt the whole situation to be extremely problematic: Kylie obviously had a strong reaction to the post because she immediately hopped into the comments section to refute Kevin's claims.

She explained that the photos were taken in a space where she creates samples for personal use and “nowhere near” a manufacturing facility—for exactly the reasons that the makeup artist pointed out.

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“Kevin, the location of this photograph was not an industrial plant at all. Sanitary procedures are not something I would ever circumvent, and neither would any other celebrity nor owner of a beauty company.

We are in perfect agreement that this cannot stand “In a remark that she left on Kevin's post, she said. “This is a small personal place where I create my own fun samples and take images for content.

It is in no way related to mass production. Absolutely no one is putting the consumer in danger! Kevin, you should hang your head in shame for propagating incorrect information.” The conversation continued on after that point as well.

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Despite the fact that the comment discussion appears to have been removed at this time, the fan account @kyliesnapchat has posted many screen captures of the drama on Instagram: It should be noted that Kylie has moved on to the birthday week phase and is presently giving zero signs that this ordeal is still on her thoughts in any way:

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