George Lucas Net Worth: How He Made His Fortune From Star Wars and Beyond?

George Walton Lucas Jr. is an American who directs, produces, writes, and runs his own business. Lucas is best known for making the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies and for starting Lucasfilm, LucasArts, and Industrial Light & Magic. He was the chairman of Lucasfilm until 2012 when he sold it to The Walt Disney Company.

George Lucas made it possible for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie series to happen. He has been making movies and running a business for a long time, so he knows a lot about both.

George Lucas is known for being very picky about how his movies turn out, which is why his work is always perfect. George Lucas has become known over the years as the best filmmaker because he pays attention to every detail and won’t settle for anything less.

Childhood and Professional Development

George Lucas, who was born and raised in Modesto, California, on May 14, 1944, initially wanted to pursue a career in racing automobiles.

Still, his interests quickly changed following a potentially fatal incident in high school in which a different driver broadsided him.

When George finished high school, Lucas’s father, who operated a stationery store, hoped he would join his company.


George, on the other hand, had stated upon leaving home that he intended to attend art school and that he intended to be a millionaire by the age of thirty.

At Modesto Junior College, Lucas developed a passion for photography and filmmaking. He began by using an 8 mm camera to record auto races and other events.

He eventually changed schools and enrolled at the University of Southern California, where he made friends with Steven Spielberg, a fellow filmmaker, and excelled in his graduate studies, earning a Warner Brothers scholarship among other honors.

Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, a 1967 student film, was eventually turned into THX 1138, his 1971 debut full-length feature film.

Despite receiving negative reviews, the project served as a springboard for the more prosperous American Graffiti, which received five Academy Award nominations and made $140 million globally in addition to $115 million domestically. American Graffiti, which had a $777,000 budget, is regarded as one of the most successful movies in history.

Star Wars

His subsequent movie would go on to become an even bigger smash and cement Lucas’ status as a Hollywood cinema legend. Star Wars, which cost $11 million to make, broke all records when it was released in 1977.

Later, while the film was being re-released, Lucas would spend $15 million on restoration costs. Early in the 1980s, two more sequels to Star Wars were released, both of which were wildly successful and added to the Star Wars universe.

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In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Lucas directed a second Star Wars trilogy that focused on occasions that occurred before the first movies. After Lucas sold the rights to Disney, the most recent sequel trilogy—as well as offshoot films and television shows—was created.

The legendary Star Wars brand continues to captivate viewers today and has generated well over $12 billion in worldwide revenue.


The American Film Institute gave Lucas its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. He has received four Academy Award nominations, including Best Writing and Best Directing, for his work on American Graffiti and Star Wars. He was given the Irving G.

Thalberg Award by the Academy in 1991. Only after Spielberg did he become the second person from the film, television, and media industries to be inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

President Barack Obama awarded George Lucas the National Medal of Arts in 2013 for his contributions to American cinema. August 2015 saw Lucas’ induction as a Disney Legend, and the Kennedy Center Honors later that year recognized him as an honoree.

What Explains George Lucas’ Incredible Wealth?

It all comes down to a very wise business choice he made in 1973 when he was negotiating his pay for the original Star Wars. Given the phenomenal success of American Graffiti, Lucas was entitled to a $500,000 salary for his subsequent film.

That represented a substantial increase over the $150,000 he had made from Graffiti. George went to the Fox executives with a proposal rather than taking the nearly 300 percent pay increase.

In return for two modest demands—that he keeps all merchandising rights and that he keep the rights to any sequels—George generously offered to maintain his $150,000 salary.

The offer delighted Fox executives, who believed George’s space movie would be little more than a blip on the entertainment radar. Clearly, Fox lost out on this deal, and George may have received the best film contract in history. $20 billion in merchandise sales and $4 billion in home entertainment sales were generated by Star Wars by the year 2012.


George Lucas revealed on October 30th, 2012, that he had reached an agreement to sell the whole Lucasfilm company to Disney for an astounding $4.1 billion in cash and equity.

Since Lucas possessed a 100% stake in the business, the entire $4 billion went directly into his bank account. Overnight, his net worth increased from $3.3 billion to $7.3 billion.

Real Estate Assets

The Skywalker Ranch, a nearly 6,000-acre property in Marin County, California, is George’s greatest piece of real estate. He bought the ranch in 1978, and since then, he has invested more than $100 million in converting it into a 300-seat movie theatre, private residence, and film studio.

In addition, the property has a 50,000-square-foot private residence, numerous swimming pools, tennis courts, and more. With the Marin County Agricultural Land Trust, Lucas has secured about 5,000 of the property’s acres in a permanent conservation easement.

For $33.9 million, he bought a 9,000-square-foot house in Los Angeles’ Bel Air district in 2017.

He invested $19.5 million in 2010 to purchase seaside property in Carpinteria, California (just south of Santa Barbara). On the property, he constructed a considerably larger Cape Cod-style house after demolishing the previous structure.

George purchased the neighboring home in December 2019 for a total of $28 million. The former owner of the home next door was Frances Morehart, who passed away in 2018 at the age of 93. In Carpinteria, his new combined beachfront footprint spans more than 3 acres.

What is George Lucas’s Net Worth in 2022?

George Lucas has been able to build up a net worth that, if it is correct, makes him the richest movie director in the world. He is closely followed by Steven Spielberg, but we think that George Lucas will likely stay the richest of the richest directors as long as there is still Star Wars merchandise, movies, and fanfare.

Forbes thinks that George Lucas will have a net worth of $5.5 billion in 2022. This is especially surprising because he has pretty much stopped making movies and has given away a lot of his money to good causes.

Some Things You May Not Know About George Lucas

  • Does George Lucas Smoke? Yes
  • Is George Lucas a drinker? Yes
  • George Lucas looks after his health very well. George Lucas eats dinner before 9 p.m.
  • George Lucas likes to play tennis and volleyball a lot.
  • George Lucas enjoys both making and watching movies.
  • George Lucas has said that he has had a crush on George Lucas since he was a child.

Questions People Usually Ask

What is George Lucas’s age?

George Lucas is 78 years old right now (14 May 1944).

What is George Lucas’s Height?

George Lucas stands 1.70 m (5′ 7″) tall.

What does George Lucas’s wife’s name sound like?

The name of George Lucas’s wife is Mellody Hobson (m. 2013), and Marcia Lucas (m. 1969–1983).

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