Why Was Our Kind of People Season 2 Cancelled by Fox?

The series our kind of people is an American series. In 2007, the drama was debuted on television in the United States. The story of our kind of people series season 1 was fully filled with suspense.

People expect more about the story of season 2. While watching season 1 people got more and different reactions between them.

Now by seeing the rating of season 1 of our kind of people as got 5.3 ratings out of 10. People expect the story of season 2 as a political drama.

They also create this drama as social drama. This gave an idea about the political concept to the film viewers. This also gave news about the affecting facts of our country.

In this story, the main concept was based on perceiving Angela. She was a young black woman. Her life was filled with many problems.

Our Kind of People Season 2

She was complicated with her family. She was well talented, but she was not accepted by all things.  The story will remain to show her life.

Cast of Our Kind of People Season 2

The cast of Our Kind of People Season 2 is likely to be announced soon.

  • Angela Vaughn is played by Yaya DaCosta.
  • Nadine Ellis in the role of Leah Franklin Dupont
  • Josephine is played by Raven Goodwin.
  • Taylor is played by Nicole Chanel Williams.
  • Olivia Sturgess Dupont is played by L. Scott Caldwell.
  • Quincy Dupont is played by Kyle Bary.
  • Teddy Franklin is played by Joe Morton.
  • Raymond Dupont is played by Morris Chestnut.
  • Tyrique Chapman is played by Lance Gross.
  • Rhyon Lauren Dupont is played by Nicole Brown.
  • Nikki Vaughn is played by Alana Kay Bright.

Our Kind of People Season 1 Storyline

The first episode of our kind of people season 1 was fully based on Angela. She was a young girl. The name of episode one is reparations.

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This main concept is based on Angela only. Her mother was unmarried, and she was working as labor in someplace. She gave birth to Angela as an unmarried. Her father was assumed as the person who was living on the island’s oak bluffs portion.

She had planned to find her father. So she set a shop in the place of the region to find out him. She made a next step, that made success in her life. She joins gravities in the social organization and learns to serve as gatekeeper.

After we saw about the character teddy. He was the father of two women. This made it very tense to Angela. But it was not a surprise incident. Her mother named Olivia laughs at her party as at a Gracie.

She was not cold-hearted. On the other side, she called her a “slave to money”. Lauren as her daughter came to be involved in the battle. Teddy shout and show her displeasure because of her father teddy’s unethical business practices.

At last, the story ends with his address speech. He told as problems he faces as racism and the power in his Rationalization speech. Because he was a black guy. As finally, his family grasp American dream. He was then so silent because of his family career and provider.

Why Was Season 2 of Our Kind of People Cancelled by Fox?

Parts of Nadine Ellis’ Dupont were reportedly filmed near the end of season one, which ended in January, according to Deadline.

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Gist told Deadline that she would have survived a gunfight with an assassin who was originally going after her father Teddy Franklin if the show had been revived.

You always have to offer families something to root for and a cause to come back, she said. “What I love about that is that we spent the season bringing the family together.”

Our Kind of People Season 2

By the end of the season, the family has broken apart due to Teddy’s involvement in everything. So ideally Leah’s injuries will serve as a catalyst moving forward to reunite the family. The TV Series Finale explains the additional reasons for the cancellation of the show.

The website lists the key details, including the fact that Our Kind of People had a 0.30 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.35 million viewers in live plus same-day ratings during its debut season, including DVR playback through 3:00 AM.

These numbers are a strong indicator of how well a show is performing, especially when compared to other shows on the same channel, even though they do not take into account additional delayed or streaming viewership.

Other financial factors may come into play, but in general, higher-rated programs get renewed while lower-rated ones get terminated.

The scores and dynamics of the series vary from season to season, and this ultimately determines the faith for any upcoming episodes.

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Look at Some Fan’s Reactions to the Cancellation

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Our Kind of People?

Our Kind of People is a TV show that you can watch on Fox, Disney Plus, and Hotstar. Both platforms let you watch the whole series of Our Kind of People.

Is Our Kind of People Worth Watching?

The response of the audience to Our Kind of People has been average. The show Our Kind of People tells an interesting story. We hope that the next season of the TV show Our Kind of People will be well received by viewers.

Trailer for Our Kind of People Season 2

The official trailer for Season 2 of Our Kind of People has not yet come. After the announcement of Our Kind of People’s second season, it appears that the film will shortly be released. Let’s watch the trailer for the premiere season of Our Kind of People. View it below.

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