Brawlhalla Season 5: Possible Release Date Predictions With in-depth Analysis!

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games. Season 5 of Brawlhalla production was officially started. But the update will be on April 13, 2022. The season 5 part’s feature will be an interesting one.

The content for this will be perfect. That means the content will include Orion Prime Epic Skin, a new mission, and others. 

The Galactic War Battle Pass Also Features

12 weeks of the battle pass with the free track. So the rewards are like a new Progression Podium as like the gold track.  The weekly mission will be added to all players.

But the Two new Maps for Free-for-All and 2v2 queues and a new Brawl of the Week called Ghosts Bubble Tag that features the new Map, Void Minor!

A new exclusive Battle Pass Title Reward! This has a new UI takeover featuring an animated splash art of Orion Prime and Event Horizon Artemis! New main menu, character select, and post-game theme music. For any completion list out there, a special Avatar awaits you if you complete all 85 tiers.

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Exclusive Battle Pass Items

The new theme will be Star Commander Fait, The Cosmos Avatar, an exclusive Title, and even a special Avatar. This will be available for those who complete all 85 tiers.

The Galactic War Battle Pass includes branding new rewards. Then the option will be available for all players as access will be automatically available for all.

The access to a Battle Pass track to unlock more unique colors, a new Title reward, Avatars, Emotes, an animated Sidekick, and a Weapon Skin.

Another option as players will also unlock the Gold track to immediately unlock some exclusive items, like the newest Progression Skin and Podium. For this unlocking, the Gold track grants access to a tremendous amount of additional exclusive items and also contains boosters to unlock rewards even faster.

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The teaser for this season 5 will be already released. You can see the teaser by this we will get soon the real updates and story about season 5. 

The Original Post From Aug 12 Follows Below

Season 4 was released in that Brawlhalla players were really excited for that season, and they also need the next season also. By the release of season 4, there was a big fan follower for this season 4.

So people eagerly waiting for the next season also. Season 5 will get released as soon as possible. Season 4 of Brawlhalla started on Aug 11th, 2021 with The Exalted Lion Battle Pass.

Along with the Battle Pass, several new maps, new game improvements, map improvements are also included with this update. Let’s have a look at what the current Season 4 of Brawlhalla has to offer to its players.

Release Date for Brawlhalla Season 5

By the Patch notes, season 4 of Brawlhalla finished /on November 3, 2021. Season 5 will arrive in January or February 2022.

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According to the official Patch notes, the Season 4 of Brawlhalla will be ending on Nov 3, 2021. According to Reddit the updates about the film were shared.

Brawlhalla Season 5 Trailer

Season 5 of Brawlhalla’s teaser has been published. The Season 5 update’s official theme was announced in the teaser. In Season 5 of Brawhalla, the Space theme will be prominent.

Brawlhalla Season 4

The new BP for season 4 has a total of 85 tiers of exclusive rewards.  This Battle Pass features Skins for Azoth, Cross, and Queen Nai as well as an animated Epic Skin for Diana and a Progression Skin for Nordex.


The gameplay’s season 5 will come soon as per the fan’s wish. So we have to wait for the official announcement and release date. So trust only the official news for this gameplay.

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