Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Release Date of This Series Has Been Confirmed?

Tokyo Revengers is an Anime show that you can watch on TV. It is based on a Japanese manga series by Ken Wakui with the same name. There is a lot of action and crime in the show Tokyo Revengers.

The audience has had a lot of good things to say about it. In the TV show Tokyo Revengers, the main character is Hanagaki Takemichi, who has a sad life until the day he dies.

He wakes up 12 years in the past, and then he has to think about what will happen to his friends and try to stop something bad from happening. Ken Wakui, Yasuyuki Muto, Seiko Takagi, and Yoriko Tomita wrote the Tokyo Revengers series.

It was directed by Masato Tamagawa, Ryuhei Aoyagi, Katsuya Asano, Rion Kujo, Takahiro Ono, Saori Tachibana, Aimi Yamauchi, and Takanori Yano.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Read the whole article to find out everything you need to know about the second season of Tokyo Revengers.

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Which Characters Will Return to Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

  • Griffin Puatu in the role of Naoto Tachibana
  • Makoto Suzuki is played by Darren O’Hare.
  • Ken Ryuguji is played by Tatsuhisa Suzuki.
  • Takemichi Hanagaki is played by Yuuki Shin.
  • Manjiro Sano is played by Yu Hayashi.
  • Hinata Tachibana is played by Azumi Waki.
  • Takemichi Hanagaki is played by A. J. Beckles.
  • Takuya Yamamoto is played by Will Choi.
  • Chifuyu Matsuno is played by Adam McArthur.
  • Hinata is played by Lizzie Freeman.
  • Atsushi, Akkun, and Sendo are played by John Omohundro.
  • Joe Zieja in the role of Kazutora Hanemiya
  • Takashi Mitsuya is played by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.
  • Yasuhiro Mutou is played by Daisuke Ono.

What Will Be the Focus of Tokyo Revengers’ Second Season?

Takemichi is 26 years old when “Tokyo Revengers” begins, and he has little going for him until he discovers that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, and her younger brother were killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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Takemichi is unhappy, but he gets the chance to change everything when he is thrown back in time 12 years.

When Takemichi returns to the current day, he uses this opportunity to warn Hinata, and she is still alive. Unfortunately, his actions have resulted in further unexpected repercussions.

From that point on, Takemichi is able to travel back and forth between the present and 12 years ago, doing whatever he can to establish influence in Toman and avoid a series of deadly occurrences.

Takemichi, on the other hand, is plainly out of his depth, and the gang is unpredictable and treacherous.

At the end of the first season, Takemichi learns that he has been chosen to lead the first division, which is fantastic news, but the audience is then left with a dramatic cliffhanger that puts Takemichi’s life in peril.

While it’s safe to assume Takemichi isn’t dead, Season 2 will very certainly pick up right where Season 1 ended, with Takemichi in the middle of a dangerous situation involving other gang members.

Is the Release Date of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Confirmed?

The release date for the second season of Tokyo Revengers was recently announced on the show’s official Twitter and website. It has been confirmed that the Christmas Showdown Arc will be released in January 2023 according to dualshockers.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Now is a great time to catch up on the first season if you haven’t already. All of the show’s main characters have been confirmed to return in the second season trailer. Some of the characters seen in the trailer are Takemichi Hanagaki, Takashi Mitsuya, Chifuyu Matsuno, Keisuke Baji, Ken Ryuguji, and Manjiro Sano.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is the Rating of Tokyo Revengers Season 1?

Despite the fact that Crunchyroll does not publish viewership numbers for simulcast titles, it is easy to see how popular Toman is all around the world. Tokyo Revengers season 1 has gotten almost 337,000 ratings on MyAnimeList, giving in an incredible 8.25/10 rating.

Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revenge?

Tokyo Revengers is available for viewing on Animax Asia. MBS, AT-X, TV Tokyo, TSK, TV Aichi, TVh, TVQ, BS Asahi, RKK, and QAB have also begun airing it. We anticipate that the second season of Tokyo Revengers will be available on the same platforms as the first season. Let’s observe what transpires afterward.

Trailer for the Second Season of Tokyo Revengers

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