Vikings Season 6: This Series is Now Available for Streaming on Amazon Prime!

Vikings is a Canadian network’s historical drama television series developed and scripted by Michael Hirst. It was shot in Ireland and debuted in Canada on March 3, 2013.

Before the fifth season even aired, History had already renewed Vikings for a 20-episode season six. It has been split into two parts, which you can see below.

The early renewal of the historical drama came with the exciting news that one of the episodes would be directed by Katheryn Winnick, who plays Queen Lagertha. This would be her first time directing.

But the show’s creator, Michael Hirst, says that he always knew when and how the show would end. As long as he could, he knew where he wanted the show to go and how it would end. “Writing the storey of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons was the goal I had in mind when I was writing.

“After six seasons and 89 episodes, I felt like I had finally done it, at last. In November of last year, we finished filming the last episode. I felt like I had said everything I needed to say about Ragnar and his sons, so we didn’t go back and do it again.

“A lot of people were very kind to let me tell my storey. MGM and History let me do that. I didn’t have a reason to keep it going after that.”

Vikings Season 6

But there will be a spin-off, called Valhalla, that will be on Netflix. It will be called that. Currently, the storey will be set 100 years after the original show. It’s going to follow “the most famous Vikings who ever lived,” like William the Conqueror and Leif Erikson (via The Wrap).

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Who’s in the Vikings Season 6 Cast?

Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Ivar (Alexander Andersen), of course, still have a lot of things to settle. They’ll be the main characters of the last season. Floki, Torvi, Ubbe, Alfred the Great, White Hair, and Gunnhild are all going to be back.

The actress who plays Lagertha on Vikings might not be back for season 6 or might have a smaller role because she was chosen to star in Wu Assassins, one of the best Netflix shows of 2019.

Even though she has put away her sword and shield, she hasn’t yet. She will take the stage one last time. When the show ends, Winnick will even be in charge of an episode before the show ends for good.

Because Freydis was killed by her husband, Ivar, at the end of the fifth season, Alicia Agneson will appear in the last two episodes even though she hasn’t been seen since.

On social media, Agneson has talked about reporting for filming, and she’s even been shown in a teaser trailer for the new season of Vikings. We don’t know what that return will look like yet, but she has been seen in the trailer.

Oleg of Novgorod, a prince from the Varangian kingdom, is played by Danila Kozlovsky in the new season of Vikings. Erik, a warrior from the same kingdom who is played by Eric Johnson, is also in season 6.

Vikings Season 6

Erik is still a mystery, but some fans think he might be Erik the Red and Freydis’ father, or at least Freydis’ uncle. Ganbaatar, played by Maltese actor Andrei Claude, is also in the movie. Ganbaatar is “the captain of the Rus Vikings’ army and also Prince Oleg’s right-hand man,” Claude says.

Many people would wonder if Travis Fimmel, who played Ragnar Lothbrok in the show, would come back even for a short time when the show came to an end. However, Vikings showrunner Michael Hirst has put a stop to that hope.

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It’s possible that old footage could be used as flashbacks, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Ludwig’s Bjorn had some of that in season 5 when he thought back to how his father taught him about being a leader. You can bet that Fimmel has a lot of other things going on right now, too. He might not have been able to shoot scenes for Vikings season 6.

What’s the Plot of Vikings Season 6?

The main thing that will drive Vikings season 6 is the fight between the brothers Bjorn and Ivar for control of Kattegat. At the end of season 5, we saw Ivar defeated and fleeing to the east along the Silk Road.

There, he will meet Oleg of Novgorod and make an alliance with the Rus people and go to war with Bjorn and Kattegat for the throne.

Vikings Season 6

Now that foreign rulers with their own goals and plans are in the mix, it’s not just family feuding and primitive civil war anymore. In Vikings season 6, Ubbe and Torvi will go out to sea in search of Floki and his troubled colony in modern-day Iceland.

They want to know what happened to him and his people. Peace and a return to the way his father ran the country will be put to the test when invaders land on his land and people challenge him to the throne from inside.

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Season 6 of Vikings Is Coming Out Soon. When Will It Be on the Air?

In the United States, the first half of season six premiered on December 4, 2019, on History. In the UK, the same day, it was on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

But we don’t yet know when part two will come out in 2020.

This Series is Now Available for Streaming on Amazon Prime!

You can watch all the season of Vikings series on Amazon Prime Video with the subscription.

Is There a Trailer for Vikings Season 6?

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