Metal Lords Released Date: Is This Movie Available to Stream on Netflix in 2022?

Metal Lords is an American comedy-drama movie for teens that will come out in 2022. It was written by D. B. Weiss and directed by Peter Sollett.

The story is about Hunter and Kevin, who are best friends in high school and love metal music. They decide to start a metal band, which is against what most people do.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who worked on Game of Thrones for HBO, signed a deal with Netflix that will allow them to make new shows. They’ve already talked about a lot of new projects, but Metal Lords is one of the most likely to happen.

It was written by D. B. Weiss, who made Metal Lords, but it was made by David Benioff, who made the show. Bighead Littlehead is the production company that made the movie. One of the people who made The Hurt Locker, Greg Shapiro, is also on the project as a producer.

He won the Cinefondation Award at Cannes. Peter Sollett is going to direct. She also directed episodes for shows like Hulu’s The Path and HBO’s Vinyl.

Metal Lords

Freeheld starred Elliot Page, who plays the lead in the Umbrella Academy movie. When the popular video game Minecraft is made into a movie, he will also be in charge of the movie’s direction.

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The Cast of Metal Lords

The Plot of Metal Lords

Metal Lords is about two teenagers, Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and Kevin (Jaeden Martell), who try to fit in at their high school in the United States.

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Their classmates are listening to songs by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. Hunter and Kevin are listening to Black Sabbath and Anthrax, which are both heavy metal bands.

Music is also a way for Hunter to vent his anger at bullies at school and his father, who isn’t interested. People who wrote the script, Weiss, say that when they’re 15 years old, they don’t feel very powerful or smart.

Almost like Hunter wears armor to keep people away, metal is what he does. With Emily (Isis Hainsworth), the boys make up a group to take part in a Battle of the Bands contest, and she is the bass player.

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No, they can’t. They can’t get their classmates to think metal is cool.

Metal Lords Be Released Date on Netflix

The movie was on the 2022 movie list. In March 2022, it was announced that Metal Lords will be on Netflix around the world on April 8th, 2022.

Soundtrack for Metal Lords

The soundtrack for the coming-of-age comedy Metal Lords was chosen by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, who also served as executive music producer on the movie.

“Metal Lords is a narrative about kids wanting to form their first band and having a dream, but perhaps lacking the technical capacity or artistic vision to make that goal a reality — or do they?” Morello adds.

The New York-born guitarist says he absolutely related to the plot. “I grew up in a small, cloistered, conservative suburb where my musical interests went counter to practically everyone else in school and certainly all the professors,” he explains.

“For many kids trapped in these suburban hells, an electric guitar or drum set is the means to breaking out. Music demonstrates a way to transcend this suffocating daily existence, to attempt to be something greater, to be something more authentic than what your circumstances hand you.”

Metal Lords trailer

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