The Passage Season 1, Episode 4 Review: Who is in This Series?

The Passage is an American thriller television series based on Justin Cronin’s trilogy of novels. At Project NOAH, things are beginning to get real. During Whose Blood Is That?

In the fourth episode of The Passage, we see how Carter goes from being an ordinary person to becoming an infected vampire. It also shows how clever and insidious the vials are when they invade the minds of humans at the Project NOAH facility.

It’s not true that dreams can hurt people or that vampires are real. Humans are scientists and military people who don’t believe these things. It’s important for them to look like they’re in charge of their own lives to their coworkers.

Scientific and military cultures say that they should keep their facades up until the very end, no matter what’s going on inside. Internal psychological warfare is a great way to get them to do what you want them to do.

We think of murderers as rough, violent thugs, but the truth is that many look like normal people in their everyday lives, even though they kill people. If you’re a serial killer, you can be a narcissistic chameleon with a talent for manipulating people, which is how they get people to come to them.

Eleven of the thirteen people who got Fanning’s blood are people who have killed a lot of people. They are also predators in their human lives. In the past, they had already developed the human version of these instincts and learned how to hunt their prey, us.

They used to be just narcissistic, ruthless psychopaths, but now they are ruthless, efficient killers of humans and mammals. People in this group are telepathic killers who want revenge and rule. They also want to eat the blood of their prey and enemies, and they want to be the best.

The Passage Season 1 Episode 4

Because they’re led by a bad person who has an ax to grind, they can get people to join their cause through dreams and visions, even though they never speak to them. The end of the world as we know it is near.

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Carter has a hard time with the last stages of the process the serum has made in him in this episode. As he gets sick, he remembers the most important parts of his life. Fanning can get in the way of the process, which makes Carter realize that he has to become a virus or die.

To learn more about Project NOAH, Wolgast and Amy are still using their spy skills. They are also looking for ways to get out of the country. Amy starts having telepathic visitors. As the virals’ telepathic power is felt by everyone on the Project NOAH staff, discipline starts to fall apart.

The Passage Cast for Season 1

When new actors and actresses join the cast of a television show, it’s generally seen as a good thing. It’s even more enthralling to read about a joyous, loving series featuring gorgeous, well-known characters. Let’s take a peek at the characters from Passage’s second season.

Among the key players in this production are:

  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar is played as Brad Wolgast
  • Kate Bellafonte portrays Saniyya Sidney in the film.
  • Caroline Chikezie is played by Nicole Sykes.
  • In the film, Lia Kyle plays Emmanuelle Chriqui.
  • Brianne Howey is played by Shauna Babcock.
  • Carter MacIntyre is described by McKinley Belcher III.
  • Jonas Lemeshow is informed by Henry Ian Cusick.
  • According to actor Ewan McGregshow, Vincent Piazza played him in the film.

The Passage Season 1 Review

What Blood Is That? It starts with Carter dreaming about his girlfriend, Rachel Wilson, as the song Streetlights by Tom Rhodes plays. They first sleep together, then she drowns in a pool. Fanning comes up and tells Carter that it’s time to go. He’ll have to make a choice.

Carter wakes up and sees the sun coming in through the windows, which makes his skin and eyes itch. A remote is used to close the blinds. He gets away from it and moves away from the thing.

Sign on Carter’s wall: Fever, vomiting, sun sensitivity, disorientation, and seizure are some of the symptoms to look out for when you have a virus: Amy can tell that Carter had a bad night from next door. Compared to him, she has the same sign with the same list of symptoms. Hers has the symptom of not having enough food on it, though.

She starts to get a little worried that Carter is having problems and that she will soon, too. It was agreed that they wouldn’t panic. Brad stops her and tells her that. Instead, he’ll get them out of there. Lear has all the symptoms on the sign, so the guard says that he needs to see him.

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Lear is busy looking at the virals’ most recent brain scans and explaining how things work to Dr. Pet, who is in charge of the virus. He tells Pet that he thinks they’re seeing an evolution and that they need to know about it, so they can protect themselves from being hurt.

The Passage Season 1 Episode 4

His pet laughs at him because he doesn’t believe anyone would need to fight bad dreams. When he talks, he says that Jonas is like his mom. She thinks that cell phones make people get brain cancer. Joel says that cell phones do cause cancer of the head, and he says that this is true.

Jonas shows him that the brain’s activity is at its highest at night, at the same time that the dreams happen. In his mind, it’s not going to happen by accident. Pet notices that the intensity of the EM field on Fanning’s scan is a million times more than on the other scans.

Lear and Sykes are called out to speak to Wolgast, along with their friend. As Amy gets more stressed, he tells them that she needs to get outside so that there is something else to do. They agree, as long as he has a security team.

Shauna shows up in Richard’s head and tells him that one of his men is about to lose it. As soon as she says that Richards doesn’t think they can trust her, she goes away. Almost right after she leaves, he learns that one of the men is having trouble. Paulson.

Richards sees Paulson in front of David Winston, who has become a lot of people. When Paulson talks to Richards about Winston’s story, he says that he worked as a truck driver for 20 years. One time, he raped a girl, then strapped her to the back of his truck and kept going from Seattle to Bozeman. A five-year killing spree began with that moment.

The Passage Season 1 Episode 4

Richards stops Paulson and tells him he doesn’t have to read the virals’ crime stories because he doesn’t need to know them.

Paulson says that he didn’t have a choice, just like when Babcock told Richards her story because he didn’t know what to do. Even tells Paulson he loves him.

Everybody has to let the virals do what they want, and no one can stop them! There is only one person who can stop them: Richards. Babcock won’t let him.

They have been together for three tours of duty now, and Richards is done. Because he trusts Paulson, he took Paulson with him on this assignment.

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He needs to get out of bed and start being more awake. For a full psych evaluation, he wants Paulson to go to the medic. This is how it works:

Paulson tells him that Babcock is playing him, and he needs to pay attention. People at the lab are Richards’ job. They have to keep the lab rats safe until they find the cure. They’ve been in the same place for too long, and it’s getting to them.

Trailer of The Passage Season 1

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