All the Old Knives: Is This Film Available for Free on Amazon Prime?

All the Old Knives might be the perfect film for you if you’re seeking for a thrilling and elegant spy thriller. It’s based on a book by the same author who wrote The Tourist, and it’ll be a pleasure for thriller enthusiasts.

The film’s stellar ensemble and stunning photography should have viewers riveted to their screens, eager to see what happens next.

Henry and Celia, two persons with a difficult personal and professional background, reunite for the first time in years in All The Old Knives.

All the Old Knives

They had been dating for six years prior to the commencement of the film and were both CIA agents. After a tragic hijacking situation, Celia left Henry and left the CIA, settling in California.

When the CIA learns that the hijackers had a mole among their ranks, Henry is sent to interrogate everyone on their old squad in order to find the traitor.

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He and Celia have dinner plans, and both have their own suspicions and secrets about what happened six years ago.

Cast of All the Old Knives

  • Chris Pine As Henry Pelham
  • Thandiwe Newton As Celia Harrison
  • Laurence Fishburne As Vick Wallinger
  • Jonathan Pryce As Bill Compton
  • Orli Shuka As Ilyas Shushani
  • Ahd Kamel As Leila Maloof
  • Jonjo O’Neill As Ernst Pul
  • David Dawson as Owen Lassiter

All the Old Knives

Plot of the “All the Old Knives”

As we can see, the movie poster is rather stunning and indicates that the film will contain some intense scenes. The film has a spy thriller that audiences will like immensely.

The CIA discovers that one of its operatives has leaked all the agency’s secrets. More than 100 individuals were killed as a result of this.

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Then, in the agency’s Vienna post, veteran operative Pelham, played by Chris Pine, is tasked with tracking down the perpetrator. He travels from Austria to England to California as part of his inquiry.

All the Old Knives

He runs across Celia Harrison, a former coworker and ex-lover (Thandiwe Newton). The couple is forced to blur the borders between career and romance in this gripping tale of global espionage, moral uncertainty, and lethal betrayal.

When Will “All the Old Knives” Be Released?

On April 8, 2022, All The Old Knives released on Prime Video worldwide, and the film will also be released in select theaters on that date.

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All the Old Knives

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch “All the Old Knives”?

Chris Pine stars as CIA operative Henry Pelham in the Amazon Prime film All the Old Knives, which is currently streaming. This is a spy film with a backstory about an old flame.

Is All the Old Knives Based on a True Story?

It is based on Steinhauer’s novel of the same name.

All the Old Knives Available for Free on Amazon Prime?

“All the Old Knives” is available only on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you already have access to it as part of your Amazon subscription. Prime offers a free 30-day trial if you aren’t already a member.

How’s the Ending Part of “All the Old Knives”?

Vick receives a call informing him that Henry has died in the closing scene, while Celia wanders down the street, ruminating about her prior relationship with Henry. She then returns home to her husband and child and resumes her normal life. At the very least, she isn’t dead! The film comes to a close with that.

Is There a Trailer for All the Old Knives?

There is, in fact, a trailer for All The Old Knives, which begins with Chris Pine’s Henry Pelham driving along a coastal route, followed by Henry and Celia in bed together. Take a peek at the video below…

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