Disturbing Eel Girl Film Explored: People Respond to This Scary Movie!

TikTok has become the place to go for viral videos, dance challenges, trending filters, and much more for more than two years now.

But recently, some users have started uploading videos in which they tell others not to look up certain things on the internet.

One of them has to do with an old movie called “Eel Girl.” Here are the facts you need to know.

TikTok’s ‘not to Google’ Trend Explained

Several TikTok users have started a trend about things that you shouldn’t look up online. Most of the time, the videos have random images in the background, followed by the message “Things you shouldn’t Google.”

The list could have graphic images, a viral video by a content creator most people have never heard of, or old pictures from a story that got national attention before TikTok.

People have told you not to look up the movie Eel Girl or anything to do with it, like pictures or footage. As far as we know, there are no images from the movie on TikTok.

Disturbing EEL Girl Film Explored

Instead, users have only posted clips in which they ask others not to look up the movie. Remember that the videos below might be scary, so don’t watch them if you get scared easily.

What is the Film EEl Girl?

Paul Campion wrote and directed the 2008 short horror film Eel Girl. The movie is about a scientist who works in a secure military lab to study a strange creature that is half eel and half human.

The movie has won several awards, including the HP Lovecraft Festival Award for best short film and the best special effects award at the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival in 2008.

In 2008, Eel Girl was also nominated for the New Zealand Film and Television Awards and the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. So it’s not really a waste of time. But is it too scary to be posted online?

People Respond to the Trend

Several people said that Eel Girl can be scary for some people, but there are much scarier things that people shouldn’t look up.

“Put “not to Google” next to real scary things. “(Eel Girl) is not scary at all, someone wrote under the above TikTok video.

Another person wrote, “To be honest, it was just a girl who looks like a fish—not that scary.” “Not scary, it’s just a horror movie,” said someone else.

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