How Did Black Tom Cruise Pass Away? Fans Give a Tribute to This Star on Social Media!

Over the course of his career, Otis had amassed a sizeable number of devoted followers. In point of fact, his skill has earned him the nickname “black Tom Cruise.”

[Citation needed] The car collision involving the social media star took place on July 11th. After this, Otis was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.

On July 24, the unfortunate news of his passing was conveyed to the public.

Who Was Otis Perkins?

Otis was an athlete who was especially well-known for his accomplishments in the deadlift. Otis would often provide a glimpse of the training sessions on his Instagram account, which has over 110 thousand followers.

Even more, he encouraged others to adopt a more healthful way of life. In addition to posting updates on his growth on Instagram, Otis also did so on YouTube.

The name “Black Tom Crusie” was a nickname that became synonymous with the influential social media user. Otis went so far as to establish a company under such name.

He established a website known as BTC POWAA, which is a motivational lifestyle website centered on the principles of optimism, commitment, and strength training.

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According to his website, Otis has had problems with his weight ever since he was a toddler. In addition to that, he was enrolled in a school for children with learning difficulties.

Black Tom Cruise

Otis’s life took a positive turn when he joined the school’s football team when he was in junior high school and later when he was in high school.

Following this, Otis made it a priority to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities. Because of this, he went to the gym on a consistent basis. Otis was able to do a lot more because of his consistent practice.

How Did Black Tom Cruise Pass Away?

Otis was the victim of an automobile accident on the 11th of July. The social media influencer was taken to the hospital immediately, where he underwent surgery for both his back and right eye.

In order to provide assistance to Otis, a GoFundMe campaign was established. However, after the operation, the social media celebrity developed a high temperature and lung difficulties as a result of pneumonia.

His fiancée, Lynn Wilson, stated that Otis’ lungs were unable to receive an adequate amount of oxygen, which ultimately led to his heart failing.

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As of right moment, information on the memorial service has not been made public. Having said so, Lynn continued by saying that she will very soon be disclosing further information concerning the matter.

At this time, members of Otis’ family have asked for their privacy.

Fans Give a Tribute to a Star Tom Cruise in Social Media

Following the confirmation of Otis’s passing, fans have been left in a state of disbelief. An individual user wrote: “Damn, may black Tom Cruise rest in peace.

Back in those days, he and Larry introduced me to all the lingo and hilarious ass words that made me love lifting. So stinking sad to die so young.” Someone else also commented, “Rest in peace, Otis “Black Tom Cruise” Perkins.”

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Whenever my gym partner and I are working out, we nearly always try to mimic his encouraging screams and gestures. Only 39. Lost a positive influence in the health and fitness community.

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