In Hollywood, Josie Canseco Celebrates Her 25th Birthday With Friends and Family!

The 25-year-old was out with her father and some relatives and friends celebrating her birthday when the embarrassing incident occurred.

Some admirers, however, suspect that the nip slip was intentional.

In Hollywood, Josie Canseco Celebrates Her 25th Birthday With Friends and Family.

On the evening of November 4, Josie Canseco celebrated her 25th birthday by going to the renowned restaurant Delilah in West Hollywood.

She entered the gathering while clinging to her father Jose’s arm, who had previously played in Major League Baseball.

The stunning ensemble that the Internet personality sported consisted of a top made of sheer metal paired with a black skirt, heels, a blazer, and a choker.

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The fact that her top was designed by Natalia Fedner and made by her at a staggering cost of $1,965 does not change the fact that it is prone to wardrobe malfunctions.

She Experienced a Malfunction in Her Wardrobe

Photos taken by paparazzi of Josie spending time with her father reveal that the fashionista made a minor error with her ensemble. … or did she not?

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Because the model’s nipples were so plainly visible through the see-through top, many people were under the impression that she had committed the fashion faux pas known as the nip slip.

Others, on the other hand, have argued that she consciously chose to dress in a way that put her breasts on display, despite the fact that she was aware of this fact.

Josie went as far as posting the picture on Instagram, where she blurred out her breasts to show that she was aware of the situation.

She certainly gave the impression that she was unfazed by the apparent malfunction, which was something that people on Twitter were discussing.

Twitter Users Share Their Thoughts on Josie’s Outfit.

We are all in awe of Josie’s self-assurance, but some of us are a little worried about the fact that she dressed like that in front of her DAD! Awkward.

On Twitter, a user expressed their opinion as follows: “Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I couldn’t hang out with my daughter and her nipples.” “Josie Canseco is celebrating her 25th birthday when she has an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction?

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“It was done on accident on purpose to get a photo op; it was very obvious, but nobody asked me,” said another person.

A third individual chimed in with, “EWWW. At her 25th birthday party, Josie Canseco pops the nipple in the presence of her father.

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