Lauren Caitlyn Kwei: Why New York Post Article Gets Backlash for Outing Lauren Kwei?

A young paramedic has gotten a lot of support on social media after the New York Post contacted her about her side job using OnlyFans to make extra money to help support her family.

She talked to the reporter, but she asked to remain anonymous because she was afraid that if her OnlyFans were made public, her job as a doctor would be in danger.

But the New York Post didn’t listen to her and put her name and picture out there for everyone to see. Now, Lauren Kwei is telling her story on social media, and a GoFundMe page has been set up in her name.

Who is Lauren Caitlyn Kwei?

Lauren Kwei is a New York paramedic whose name got out in a New York Post article even though she wanted to stay anonymous.

When she was 18, the 23-year-old woman from West Virginia moved to New York to follow her dream of working on Broadway. Instead, she became an EMT (EMT).

She finished paramedic school in February 2020 and now works for SeniorCareEMS, an ambulance company that serves hospitals on New York’s 911 system.

Lauren Caitlyn Kwei

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Why New York Post Article Gets Backlash for Outing Lauren Kwei?

The New York Post has been criticized for putting Lauren Kwei’s name out there in a December 12 article called “NYC doctor helped’make ends meet with racy OnlyFans side gig.”

The national newspaper called Lauren Kwei to talk about how her low-paying job as an ambulance driver led her to join the subscription site OnlyFans, which has become known for selling explicit photos to “make ends meet.”

A GoFundMe page set up for Lauren says that the nurse asked the news site not to use her name in the article and to keep her name secret because it could hurt her job.

But the New York Post went against her wishes and published her name. This means that Lauren could lose her job and no longer be able to help her family and her very sick father.

Lauren also says that the newspaper got her words wrong and made her sound “casual and uncaring,” making her feel bad for doing sex work outside of her job as a paramedic.

Heavy says that Lauren hasn’t talked to her boss at SeniorCareEMS about the OnlyFans account yet, so she doesn’t know if she will be fired because of it.

Lauren Has Written a Facebook Post That Tells Her Story

Gofundme Page Set Up for Lauren Kwei Gets Huge Donations

After the New York Post found out about Lauren, a GoFundMe page was set up to help her “fight in court against the newspaper and keep the job she loves.”

As of December 15, 2,301 different people have given a total of $50,000 to the page. Lauren has written a post on the GoFundMe page about what has been going on in her life since the New York Post published her name without her permission.

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She said, “Over the past three days, millions of strangers have been able to read about and judge the most private parts of my life.”

The paramedic said that when interviewer Dean Balsamini called her, she didn’t know what the article was about. She is horrified that the New York Post took what she said out of context and used her name.

I LOVE my job, and I love taking care of other people. I don’t want to quit my day job and get my bag on OnlyFans. I want to help the people of New York. All I’ve ever wanted to do is that.

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“I was raised to ALWAYS be kind and caring, and I’ve always thought that I should use my voice to speak up for people who might not be heard,” she said. At the end of the post, she thanked everyone who had given money.

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