Alina Fazleeva: Instagram Model Apologizes for Making a “Big Mistake”!

Alina Fazleeva, a Russian Instagram model, was compelled to apologise alongside her husband for posing naked on a hallowed, centuries-old tree in Bali, Indonesia.

According to NDTV, the content producer had previously distributed to her thousands of fans on her social media platform a photograph in which she was displayed naked while draped over a tree at a temple in the Tabanan area.

Find out exactly why the visitor was required to make an apology in front of everyone, while we also investigate further information about the Russian pair, which was revealed on their web channels.

Alina Fazleeva Impresses Bali Residents by Posing Naked on a Sacred Tree

A Russian influencer by the name of Alina Fazleeva attended a press conference on the 6th of May 2022 in Denpasar, which is located on the island of Bali in Indonesia. She was joined at the event by her husband, Andrey Fazleev.

Alina Fazleeva

According to reports from NDTV, the pair could be deported from Bali because they allegedly “staged a nude photograph on a sacred tree in violation of local tradition.” The incident occurred when they “violated local customs” by conducting the photoshoot.

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According to Mail Online, in 2019, Alina Fazleeva was said to have performed naked poses on a tree that was hundreds of years old when she was on the premises of Babakan shrine in Tabanan district.

Because mountains, trees, and other natural features are revered as holy in Balinese Hindu culture because it is believed that they are the homes of the gods, the picture, which was taken by her husband and uploaded to Instagram, went viral, which infuriated Balinese communities. Her husband had taken the picture.

Jamaruli Manihuruk, the head of immigration for the island of Bali, made the following statement to the press: “Both of them are shown to have carried out acts that jeopardize public order and do not respect the local customs.”

As a result, the chief came to the conclusion that “they shall be punished by deportation.” According to NDTV, the man and his wife will be barred from entering Indonesia for at least six months, and they will also be required to take part in a purification ceremony at the sacred spot in accordance with the beliefs of the local community.

Instagram Model Apologizes for Making a “Big Mistake”

A private account has been set up for @alina yogi, which currently has more than 900 posts and more than 18,000 followers.

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According to NDTV, Alina Fazleeva issued an apology on her Instagram profile in the form of a message that was published in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. In the post, she admitted that she “made a terrible mistake.”

Continued Fazleeva: There are a lot of sacred spots in Bali, but not all of them have information signs about it like the one I visited had.

After that, the model for social media stated once more that “it is vitally important to treat these locations and customs with respect.”

According to Mail Online, Fazleeva is also said to have visited the same tree while fully dressed “to plead for forgiveness.”

It is also stated that Alina Fazleeva reached out to the local resident named Niluh Djelantik, who had filed a complaint against her with the police, in order to apologise to her.

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Despite the fact that her apologies were accepted, the local has apparently stated that more inquiries into the matter should be conducted.

More Information Regarding the Husband of the Russian Tourist

Andrey Fazleev, the husband of the influencer, has over 2,000 followers on Instagram, where he is categorized as an entrepreneur and uploads content starring his wife. He calls himself an influencer himself.

According to the Russian version of @andrew fazleev’s bio, Andrew is the creator of the organizations Art Planet and Art Friday, for which he is credited with “organizing more than 100 events and excursions.”

On the webpage that Andrey Fazleev maintains on Facebook, it is said that he is a member of the musical groups AtmanLove and Turkish Sound and that he plays the guitar.

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