Did Toni Collette Really Suffer From Breast Cancer? Her Career Highlight!

As more and more people start to watch the new series Pieces of Her on Netflix, the focus of fans’ attention has shifted to the lead actress, Toni Collette, and whether the illness that her character suffers from in the show is a reflection of the actor’s actual health.

We discuss the incredibly successful career that the actor has had to this point and explain whether Collette suffered from breast cancer.

Pieces of Her is a series that was developed for Netflix by Charlotte Stoudt and is based on the 2018 novel of the same name written by Karin Slaughter.

The series tells the story of Andy after she is involved in a mass shooting inside a diner, where her mother, Laura, is able to easily take down the shooter.

Did Toni Collette Really Suffer From Breast Cancer?

Fans should rest easy knowing that Toni Collette, the actor, did not actually suffer from breast cancer in real life, as this information should put their minds at ease after concerns were raised regarding her character in the Netflix show.

Toni Collette Breast Cancer Surgery

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The main character, Laura Oliver, played by Collette, was diagnosed with breast cancer at one point in the story and underwent chemotherapy treatment at one point as well.

After a graphic scene depicting the character Collette was shown while Laura was in the recovery phase after having a mastectomy, there was concern for Collette’s well-being.

To achieve this look, the actor most likely had prosthetics and make-up applied to them, or else digital manipulation was used.

In the film Miss You Already, co-starring Drew Barrymore, Colette also played a character who was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought the disease.

Career Highlights of Toni Collette’s Success

Collette’s successful acting career got its start in the early nineties when she was cast in the title role of Muriel in the box office smash Muriel’s Wedding.

After that, the actor was cast in some of the most memorable roles ever, including Fiona Brewer in About a Boy, Sheryl in Little Miss Sunshine, and Lynn Sear in The Sixth Sense.

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Recent roles for which Collette has been nominated for awards include Joni Thrombey in Knives Out, Annie in Hereditary, and Zeena the Seer in Nightmare Alley (for which she was nominated for an Oscar).

Season 2 Possibilities

There are a total of eight episodes that make up the first season of Pieces of Her, and the run time for each episode ranges from 42 to 62 minutes.

Even though a second season of Pieces of Her has not been given the go-ahead just yet, the show does have the capability of continuing on into another chapter.

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Pieces of Her is not being marketed as a limited series, which means that not only does the source material permit it to develop further, but it also is not being billed as such.

Other shows, such as The Queen’s Gambit, were classified as limited, which meant that the story arc could only be completed in one season.

Despite this, Pieces of Her Season 1 has been clearly labelled as such, which suggests that there may be additional seasons to come.

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