Assassins Pride Season 2: Where Can I Watch the English Dub of This Series?

Assassins Pride is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Kei Amagi and illustrated by Nino Ninomoto. Since January 20, 2016, Fujimi Shobo has been putting out the series under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint.

From May 2017 to August 2022, Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump ran a manga adaptation with art by Yoshie Kat. From October to December 2019, EMT Squared made an anime version of the show.

Season one of Studio EMT Squared was launched in October and continued through December 2019. It featured 12 episodes. Continue reading to find out updates about next season.

Characters from Assassin’s Pride Season 2

Kufa Vampir

Kufa Vampri, the series’ main male protagonist, is appointed as Melida’s teacher. He is told to kill her if she cannot learn magic, but he chooses to ignore the orders and continues to train her.

He has dark blue hair and deep purple eyes and is a tall young man. He is an accomplished swordsman who always carries a katana with him.

He’s dressed in a long purple overcoat with a light blue shirt and tie. He maintains a cold demeanour, but deep down, he cares deeply about those close to him.

That is why he decides to put his own life in danger in order to help Melida. He is a member of the Jack Raven guild and possesses “class of Samurai” mana.

Yuuki Ono, who is best known for his work in ‘Code Geass’ and ‘Ace of Diamond,’ voices Kufa Vampir.

Melida Angel

Melida Angel is a young girl born into a family of Holy Knights, but she has no talent with mana, much to her family’s dismay.

Concerned about the family’s reputation, Kufa is hired to teach her mana, with the authority to kill her if she does not excel. Despite being almost abandoned by her own family, Melida strives to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Her appearance is that of a cute young girl with long blond hair and big red eyes. She usually wears a short red dress, brown boots, and white stockings.

Melida works extremely hard to develop her Melida, despite being mocked and labelled as an “incompetent talented girl.”

Coming from the Paladin aristocracy, one of the world’s three major aristocracies, a lot is expected of her, but due to her lack of talent, she is considered a disgrace to her own family. Tomori Kusunoki provides her voice.

Elise Angel

Elise Angel, voiced by Yui Ishikawa, is a secondary character in the show who is Melida’s cousin and, unlike her, can use mana. Melida is the pride of the entire family, and because of her talents, she is frequently shunned.

She is typically Stoic and does not speak much, but when it comes to bragging about her abilities, she never holds back. She, like Melida, wears a short red dress and has short light blue hair.

She is known to be the best mana user in her Academy and remains expressionless for the majority of the show.

Rosetti Pricket

Elise’s current tutor, Rosetti Pricket, is a member of the holy city guards. She is a cheerful young lady who is always seen with a smile on her face. Her hair is long and red, and she wears it in a single ponytail.

Her eyes are yellowish and red, and she is dressed in a frilly pink dress. She is a member of the Crest Legion, and her mana type is Maiden. Marina Yabuuchi provides her character’s voice.

Will Season 2 of Assassin’s Pride Be Renewed by the Anime Adaptation?

Assasins Pride has yet to be extended for a second season, despite widespread interest. Upon its initial release, the show received glowing reviews on IMDb.

However, as the season progressed, the ratings began to decline as critics were dissatisfied with the plot development. ‘Assasins Pride’ presently has a rating of 5.93 on MyAnimelist and a rating of 5.7 on IMDb.

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There was still an active and committed fan following, though, who still found the anime’s storyline fascinating and enjoyable. These fans are still waiting for season 2, but Studio EMT Squared hasn’t responded.

When Will Assassins Pride Season 2 Be Released?

As a result of the ongoing renewal process for Assassins Pride, we may have to wait a bit more for a new season of the anime.

It’s possible that Season2 will be released this year. The project may begin production immediately if it receives a renewal. Production lags are common in even well-known anime programs such as ‘Attack On Titan’ and ‘One-Punch Man.’

We’ll keep an eye out for any new developments in the series and let you know when we find out anything.

What’s the Storyline for Assassins Pride Season 2?

Melida Angel, a 13-year-old noble, and her tutor, Kufa Vampir, are the focus of the story. The Earth in the series is on the verge of disintegrating, and humanity is barely eking out an existence till the end.

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Humans are now extinct everywhere save in Flandore, a city-state. Commoners and aristocrats are often discriminated against in this hard circumstance.

There is a glass dome covering the entire state to keep out the evil lycanthropes that live in the shadows. Additionally, the Angel family has given Kufa the task of exterminating Melida should she fail to manifest her mana, which Kufa accepts.

In the past, she had been treated unfairly because of her inexperience at an exclusive boarding school.

Among the world’s three great aristocracies, Melida was born into a family of nobles in the Paladin dynasty. In spite of her lack of skill with Mana, she works tirelessly in order to develop her own abilities.

Kufa is a member of the “Guild Jack Raven” and has the mana powers of a “Samurai” level character. After extensive research, Kufa has come to the conclusion that Melida’s assassination is the only option.

But Kufa was swayed by Melida’s enthusiasm, confidence, and trust in herself during the struggle, and he defied the commands of his superiors.

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His guild and even the Angel family were in the dark about his discovery of how to make Melida’s strength and mana manifest. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that keeping the secret is the least of their concerns, as they will face far more difficult obstacles.

Where Can I Watch the English Dub of Assassin’s Pride?

Sentai Filmworks has a license for “Assassin’s Pride,” but the English dub hasn’t been announced yet. You can still watch it with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and Hi Dive.

Official Trailer of Assassins Pride Season 2

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