Cannon Buster Seasons 2: Is the Second Season of This Series Has Been Renewed by Netflix?

Cannon Busters is a fantasy comic book series published in the United States of America. The first episode of the first season aired on August 15, 2019. If you want to know when Cannon Busters 2 will come out, you can keep reading this page.

Cannon Busters 2 has not yet been given the green light by Netflix. The likelihood of its renewal, on the other hand, is extremely high. When can we expect the sequel to be released?

What exactly is taking so long? Everything you need to know about it is provided below. Cannon Busters began as a short-lived fantasy comic book series in 2005 and has now evolved into a video game.

Even though the author, LeSean Thomas, was extremely enthusiastic about his novel, the series was only able to last for three more installments.

He had previously expressed an interest in creating an anime adaptation of the comic book series. The project, on the other hand, didn’t get off the ground for more than a decade. By then, fans had already lost upon the franchise as a result of its poor performance.

In 2014, Thomas startled Cannon Busters fans by launching a crowdfunding campaign for an anime version of the comic book series.

The pilot episode of the show was finally released by the show’s producers in mid-2016. The ONA, on the other hand, took more than three years to make its way onto Netflix’s screens.

Initial plans called for it to premiere in March 2019, but owing to an unidentified technical fault, the schedule has been pushed back to August 15, 2019.

This season’s 12-episode premiere installment proved to be significantly more successful than any of us had anticipated.

Who Could Appear in Cannon Busters Season 2?

Even though there has been no official statement regarding the upcoming season of Cannon Busters, we can expect nearly every character to return if the season 2 premiere date is scheduled to occur as expected.

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In addition, some well-known names may be anticipated beforehand. In addition to the majority of returning characters, numerous new recurring and supporting characters may appear in the future season.

Is Season 2 of Cannon Busters Has Been Renewed by Netflix?

Even after putting in all the efforts into the first season, determined creator LeSean Thomas refused to abandon Cannon Busters Season 2 after all of his hard work.

The executive producer of the Netflix anime series has been outspoken about his vision for the project and his plans for it. He’s put a lot of effort into its creation, and he has big ambitions for it in the future.

It’s possible that Thomas already had plans to create a successor to this masterwork when he completed it. After tying up the loose ends of the episode with a cliffhanger, fans are left scratching their heads, wondering what will happen next.

For its part, Netflix has been putting in significant effort in recent years to appeal to anime fans. The streaming behemoth has developed much original anime series and acquired the rights to some of the most well-known titles in the genre’s history.

Cannon Buster Seasons 2 scene

As a result, given the fact that Season 1 of the anime was a huge success for the streamer, it will not pass up the opportunity to make a sequel.

Cannon Busters Season 2 has been renewed for a second season, which is a strong business that Netflix is sure to be interested in.

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Even though it has not been renewed, there is yet hope for the ONA to be reinstated. As soon as the official announcement is made, we will make the necessary changes to this area.

Ratings and Reviews for Cannon Busters Season 2


If you haven’t seen the series and are curious about its quality, I can assure you that it’s quite lovely! IMDb gives the program a 6.8/10, and Minimalist gives it a 6.44/10 average audience rating.

So, without a doubt, in my opinion, this program is a keeper. If you’re still debating whether to watch it, read what others had to say about it after you.


This show is intended for people who are unfamiliar with anime or are new to it. It’s a quest to save the kingdom that takes you across a wasteland with a cast of characters, some of whom are quite annoying.

This anime combines the worlds of Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. Spike had a big influence on the MC; the English voice even sounds like Steven Blum.

This anime is not for casual anime fans because it offers nothing new and the execution is mediocre.

What Can We Expect From the Upcoming Season?

The fantasy animation, which takes place in the continent of Gearbolt, follows the journey of an unusual group of travelers as they embark on a mission to reunite two childhood friends.

After failing to save Kelby from his kidnappers near the end of Season 1, S.A.M. and the gang attempted to rescue him in Season 2.

As Kelby makes his approach towards the Mystic Emperor, an increasing number of adversaries stand in the path of S.A.M. and Kelby’s reunion.

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In the nick of time, high-tech friendship robot S.A.M realizes that she, too, is a member of the Cannon Busters. As a result, we’ll be able to see more of her Cannon Busters form in the upcoming season.

On the other hand, given that Philly does not have a vehicle to pass Gearbolt, the voyage may become more difficult. This, on the other hand, hints that Bessie may be reassembled in the forthcoming part of the series

Cannon Buster Seasons 2 scene

Cannon Busters Season 2: When Will It Be Available?

Cannon Busters Season 2 may take longer to return to Netflix than other animated shows on the streaming service. Japanese and black American-style animation are combined in the production of this anime series.

As a result, the sequel may take as long as the first installment did to complete (around two to three years). According to the current situation, it is unlikely that the streamer would commence productions this year.

Season 2 may not begin airing until 2023 if they begin filming before the end of the current year. Keep an eye on this section for any developments in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Did Cannon Busters Come Out for the First Time?

On August 15, 2019, Cannon Busters was released for the first time.

How Many Seasons Are There of Cannon Busters?

There is one season of Cannon Busters.

Is There Any News About the Season 2 Trailer for Cannon Busters?

The trailer for Season 2 of Cannon Busters is not out yet.

Is It Possible to Watch the Cannon Busters for Free?

No, you won’t be able to watch this series for free. You have to be a member of Netflix to see all the old seasons. But you can watch movies for free on a number of websites on the Internet.

How Many Episodes Are in Cannon Busters’s Last Season?

There are twelve episodes of Cannon Busters.

Cannon Busters Season 2 Trailer

The second season of Cannon Busters has no trailer yet. However, keep checking back as we will continue to update you on any new details about the upcoming Season on our website. You can see it on our website if it is usable. The previous season’s trailer is available here.

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