Ink Master Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: What is the Winning Prize of This Show??

Ink Master is an American reality competition show that premiered on January 17, 2012, on Paramount Network (which used to be called Spike).

On the show, tattoo artists compete in different challenges that test their tattooing skills and other artistic abilities. They are judged by well-known tattoo artists and tattoo fans.

In each episode, one or more contestants are cut from the show. Every season, the last contestant standing gets $100,000, the title “Ink Master,” and a feature in Inked Magazine.

Original Media makes the show, which is the same company that made the reality show Miami Ink. In the previous episode of “Ink Master,” we witnessed the show returning to its roots:

The shocking, edgy challenges were gone, and the focus on the tattoo and art was back in the spotlight. Our initial fear was that the drama would return to the show this week, but it didn’t occur to us that this was a one-off. One method to find out if it did is to study up on “Ink Master” devotees.

Flash Challenge

For this week’s challenge, the judges were looking for a balance between light and dark in a tattoo’s design. To make a tattoo appear as if it is protruding from the skin, place the darkest darks close to the lightest lights.

To help their canvases come up with their “own beach,” the artists at the flash competition helped them brainstorm ideas.

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The winner of the flash challenge also won a trip to Mexico, courtesy of Corona, in addition to the opportunity to allocate all human canvases in the elimination task.

The artists had no idea what to expect from the canvas’ personal beaches, which ranged from a bird to an egg beater. Each canvas was assigned at random.

After winning the previous two elimination challenges in a row, Scott knew he was a target, but he didn’t let it bother him.

“I’m in the lead, and I intend to hold on to it until the end,” he stated.

However, Sausage, Matti, and Scott were at the top of the flash challenge in terms of contrast. Sausage’s ability to tattoo his darkest grey next to black while maintaining high contrast in his egg beater tattoo demonstrated his technical proficiency.

In his depiction of a castle, Scott utilised strong contrast by pairing black with vibrant colours. The judges, on the other hand, thought Matti’s deer tattoo showed tremendous artistry and contrast.

Elimination Challenge

Continued testing of contrast was done by the judges, including guest judge Greg Christian, who is an American traditional tattoo artist.

In order to complete this challenge, artists had to work in groups of two to tattoo a nontraditional woman or man. Tattooing on a single canvas simultaneously by two contestants required teamwork to ensure that both designs complemented one another.

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Lydia’s response to the question was, “Tattooing is not a team sport.” However, each artist would be evaluated on their own merits.

Deep shadows and light highlights were desired by the judges. According to the judges, one of the most popular tattoo styles, neo-traditional tattoos have a lot of black and a lot of vibrant colours.

By allocating all human canvases equally, Matti selected to match up the more talented and less talented painters. Matti allocated the canvases last week, ensuring that he faced off against the best: Scott in the process. Matti made it a point to include Scott in his squad this week.

Except for himself, he matched Sausage with Melissa, Jim and Bubba, King Ruck with Keith, Halo with Kyle, Lydia and Gentle Jay, and himself with Scott.

When their canvas was finicky about their zombie coupling designs, King Ruck and Keith were instantly thrown into a loop. Keith, who specializes in nontraditional music, was initially enthused by this task.

The challenge became much more difficult after the pair’s unstable canvas passed out because of the discomfort. Both King Ruck and Keith were unable to present the judges a completed tattoo.

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To showcase his commitment to the competition and to demonstrate to the judges that he knew how to demonstrate good contrast in his tattoos, King Ruck opted to tattoo a little rose on his leg.

Although he knew he could lose, King Ruck remarked, “I did everything I could to stay in this competition.”

It was Keith’s excuse for not getting another tattoo: He stated he couldn’t find a place for it.

Final Results

In addition to Ruck’s self-done tattoo, there were several other standouts, including Matti, Scott, and Sausage, with Sausage earning the crown. S

ausage decided to put Keith in the bottom when he had a massive breakdown (with an unfinished tattoo). Ruck and Bubba were also on the list of requested appearances by the panel.

Because the judges felt they needed to get rid of the “dead weight” in the competition, they vote to oust both Keith and Bubba.

If you thought this was the end of the double eliminations, you’d be mistaken. It appears like the judges will be doing the same thing again next time. Grade for this episode: B+

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was in the Top 3 in Season 2 of Ink Master?

In the final round of the competition, contestants Sarah Miller of Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Pittsburgh, PA, Sebastian Murphy of Detroit Ink in Mt. Clemens, and Steve Tefft of 12 Tattoos were each given a master canvas to work on.

Why Did Kyle Get Kicked Off Ink Master?

Kyle Dunbar might not be a good fit for reality TV. When he was younger, the man from Flint, Michigan, didn’t keep quiet when he didn’t like something. In 2014, he was kicked off the tattoo competition show “Ink Master” on Spike TV because he almost got into a fight with one of the judges.

What Does Kay Kutta Do These Days?

Kay Kutta’s life got back on track after he spent nine years in prison. One reason was that he got tattoos, which helped him start over. His specialty is photorealism, and his tattoo shop in his hometown has been called the best place to get a tattoo.

What is the Winning Prize for Ink Master?

The winner of this year’s contest will get $100,000, a feature in Inked Magazine, and the name “Ink Master.” The winner of Season 2 of Ink Master was Steve Tefft, and Sarah Miller came in second.

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