Tampa Baes Season 2: Is the Released Date of This Series Confirmed by Amazon Prime Video?

Tampa Baes is an American reality television series about a group of lesbian friends in Tampa Bay, Florida. It was first shown on Amazon Prime Video on November 5, 2021. “Tampa Baes” is a documentary series that takes viewers on a wild ride.

The show follows a small group of lesbians in Tampa Bay, Florida, and shows how hard their daily lives are. Even though it can be hard to deal with relationships, compromises, and even personal sex, the Tampa Baes send a strong message of unity by getting together often to fight social discrimination and misconceptions.

Friends are always ready to go to a party and look forward to a new day at the end of the day, no matter what happens.

Since it began, “Tampa Baes” has been well-liked as a series that isn’t written. It was also praised for the way it cared about and had real relationships with the LGBTQ+ community in Tampa Bay.

Since Season 1 is over, fans are starting to wonder when Season 2 might come out. Find out about the second season of Tampa Baes.


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Season 2 of Tampa Baes: Cast

  • Cuppie Bragg
  • Marissa Gialousis
  • Haley Grable
  • Mack McKenzie
  • Summer Mitchell
  • Olivia Mullins
  • Brianna Murphy
  • Ali Myers
  • Shiva Pishdad
  • Melanie Posner
  • Nelly Ramirez
  • Jordan Whitley

Is the Released Date of Tampa Baes Season 2 Confirmed by Amazon Prime Video?

Season 2 of the show has yet to be announced by the show’s creators or Amazon prime video. It doesn’t always follow, though, that the show is off the air completely.

Production costs, support from viewers, critical evaluations, and public response all play a role in determining when the show will return for a second season.

If you look at all of these elements and consider the overwhelming support from the LGBTQ+ community, Tampa Baes has a decent chance of getting a second season.

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A release date for the show is projected to fall sometime in the latter half of 2017.

The Second Season of Tampa Baes Is About to Begin

The show focuses mostly on the LGBTQ+ community and revolves around the daily challenges they experience. Summer and Marissa’s presence at Brianna and Haley’s Y2K-themed birthday party raises suspicions among the two women.

Shiva is being courted by Cuppie, who has arrived in town. Marissa and Summer move in with Marissa’s parents because their house is still under construction in the second episode.

Rivalries among the boys were uncovered at the birthday party. To help her through her anxiety of telling her grandparents she’s gay, Jordan seeks Shiva’s help in episode three.

Summer revealed some surprising details about Brianna to Haley, while Nelly, who is also battling with coming out to her family, is looking for answers.

Tampa Baes Season 2 scene

It is difficult for Marissa and Summer to feel at ease in her mother’s home. Shiva finds herself falling for a new acquaintance, but she is receiving conflicting signals from him.

Cuppie finds it difficult to deal with her worry, yet she persists in her efforts to keep it in check. Possibly as a result of the rivalry between Summer-Marissa and Brianna-Haley, the gang appears to have been divided in half.

Mel gets fed up with all the squabblings among the power couples in episode 6, so he attempts to form a bond with Cuppie. They organize a great day out with their friends, and the couples aren’t invited along on the excursion.

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Marissa and Summer are eager to get settled in their new home as quickly as possible. Cuppie has plans for Pride to reunite the group in the second-to-last episode, even though there are rivalries and tensions among the members. Olivia’s parents pay her a visit over the summer, and she has finally gotten her finances in order.

In the most recent episode, Haley begins to have doubts about her relationship with Brianna, and the pride is right here in Tampa. Jordan works with Marissa to create the ultimate summer engagement party.

Tampa Baes Season 2 scene

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Season 2 of Tampa Baes Continue?

Season 2 of Tampa Baes has not yet been cancelled or renewed by Amazon Prime. The official status report for the show is still forthcoming.

Where Can I View Tampa Baes?

Tampa Baes is available on Amazon Prime.

Trailer for Tampa Baes Season 2

There is no trailer or teaser for season 2 because Amazon hasn’t said anything about it. If you want, you can watch the first season trailer.

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