Doja Cat Met Gala: She Has Never Attended a Met Gala in Her Entire Life!

People can’t wait to see what the world’s most famous A-listers will wear to the prestigious fashion event every year, and the outfits for 2022 are finally here.

The 2022 topic, “Gilded Glamour,” which includes New York’s Gilded Age from 1870 to 1890, did not disappoint, with some really bizarre and lavish clothes being worn by contestants.

On the red carpet, Kylie Jenner wore a voluminous Off-White wedding gown, Lizzo wore a black and gold Thom Brown jacket, and Katy Perry chose for a short, lace-covered mini-dress.

The guest list for the Met Gala 2022 was filled with A-level superstars, but there were a few notable people who were absent, including singer Doja Cat…

Doja Cat Has Never Attended a Met Gala in Her Entire Life

Fans are upset that Doja Cat, who is currently one of the artists with the highest record sales in the world, did not attend the 2022 Met Gala.

Doja Cat is currently one of the artists with the highest record sales in the world. The 26-year-old artist, who has been honored with a Grammy Award, a Billboard Music Award, and five American Music Awards, was nowhere to be found, and she has not provided any explanation for her absence either.

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In point of fact, the artist best known for her hit “Say So” has never once attended the Met Gala. Despite the fact that she is one of the most well-known figures in the fashion industry and the music industry, she has never been asked to attend the renowned event.

It is not apparent what causes this situation to occur. It’s possible that she has never received an invitation to Anna Wintour’s exclusive, invitation-only event, or that she declined the invitation, but it seems highly improbable.

Who could anyone say no to attending the Met Gala? Doja absolutely needs to be on the guest list for next year’s event, Anna, so get on it!

Twitter Was Flooded With Photos of a Fake Doja Cat at a Gala.

If you’ve been on Twitter at all this morning, you’ve probably noticed that the site is being flooded with bogus photographs of Doja attending the Met Gala.

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This may have left you feeling a little perplexed. Fans have been spreading a false rumor by circulating an old photo of the actress wearing what appears to be the ballgown she wore to a charity event in New York, despite the fact that the shot was taken years ago.

People on Twitter are simply sharing screenshots from the music video that Doja starred in and wore the lavish dress in. The music video was for Bebe Rexha’s song “Baby, I’m Jealous,” and Doja was the star of the video.

In addition, some fans have pointed out that the dress is a ballgown from the 1700s, which has nothing to do with the theme of ‘Gilded Glamour’ for the Met Gala 2022.

Fans Have Had Enough in 2022

On Twitter, users have expressed their exhaustion over Doja Cat’s absence from the Met Gala.

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The singer ought to be given a chance to perform.

On the carpet of the red event, her presence was much missed.

Would it be possible for Doja and Ari to be there the following year?

During least one of Doja’s songs was played at Cardi B’s after party (if not all of them). She was present in the room with us!

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