Login to the PFMS Employee Portal: Some Requirements That You Need for Registration!

A Central Government department, the Public Financial Management System, provides an easy way for employees to download their monthly pay stubs.

This is a fantastic example of online work, as it allows employees who are not in the Department office to download pay stubs in seconds.

Employees can also examine HBA and Pay advance recovery capabilities accessible on the official website in addition to this PFMS Salary Slip download, allowing them to track their monthly income and take notice of any other features supplied by the PFMS Salary Slip site.

PFMS Login Portal Registration Requirements

Here are some fundamental requirements that a Central Government employee must meet in order to access their PFMS Salary Slip profile page. These details must be provided both during registration and when logging in.

  • Employee PAN Number
  • A valid mobile phone number and email address
  • Employee identification card, department code, and designation

The registration process for the PFMS login is straightforward, and employees of the PFMS department must follow the steps outlined below. Once the issue has been resolved, an employee can log in using the credentials provided.

Login to PFMS and Create an Account

Use your browser’s search bar to find the PFMS portal at pfms.nic.in
Click the Login button.

Login to the PFMS Employee Portal by completing the form below.

Fill Out the New User Registration Form

  • Download the application.
  • Use capital letters to fill out the PFMS registration form, including your email address and cell phone number, which must be current.
  • The completed form should be printed out and mailed to the PFMS Department.
  • As a proof of employment, the application form should be accompanied by an Employee ID card.
  • To activate the account, an email will be sent to the employee’s email.
  • You can now log in to the PFMS Salary Slip portal by clicking on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Select the financial year, then input your PAN number and birthdate.
  • Once the user has been authenticated, they can request a new password on the Change Password Tab.
  • Set up a new password, as this might be the one you use to access the PFMS salary slip portal with your PAN number.

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Some Questions Regarding PFMS Employee Portal

Can a PFMS User I’d Be Used to Log in to Any Domain?

No, you can’t sign up for PFMS as a new user if your email domain isn’t xx@gov.in or xxx@nic.in.

Can We Use the Same Mobile Number to Sign Up for an PFMS User I’d?

As of now, one email address and mobile number can be used to create up to three user IDs. This is because users in field offices often have to handle more than one charge at a time.

Does the PFMS User I’d Start Working as Soon as You Sign Up?

With careful verification, the PFMS user ID that has been approved can be used after 24 hours.

What is the Email Address for PFMS Help?

If you need help with PFMS, you can call one of the numbers listed at http://cga.nic.in/Page/Contact-Us-.aspx link at cga.nic.in.

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