Blueface Vs Kane When: Who Won the Blueface Vs Kane Trujillo Fight?

In recent times, competitions between rap artists, social media influencers, celebrities, and other notable figures have become increasingly common.

Having this information in mind, it should not have come as a surprise that Blueface made the decision to seize this opportunity.

The battle between the rapper and the TikTok star takes place several months after social media was witness to the battle between TikTok and YouTube.

Who Won the Blueface Vs Kane Trujillo (Neumane) Fight?

Blueface prevailed over Kane in their match (Neumane). The TikTok tar got off to a strong start in the fight and showed no fear when it came to landing some punches on the rapper.

Blueface Vs Kane When

Unfortunately, it appeared that Blueface had the upper hand in this fight. As the TikTok star took some hits, he struggled to find an opening where he could take his aim.

Blueface seemed to have the upper hand. In spite of this, Naumane made sure that he did not give up at any point during the fight.

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The results of the first two rounds indicated that it was almost certain that the rapper would be declared the victor. The winner was almost certain to be determined as the fight entered its final round.

As the round came to a close, Neumane was still attempting to land some blows before the bout was stopped. On the other hand, Blueface did not offer very many opportunities.

Despite the fact that the rapper was awarded the prize, the young TikTok star was still able to demonstrate his dedication.

Everything That We Are Aware of Concerning the TikTok Star

Kane Trujillo ,who used to post comedic sketches on TikTok under the username Neumane, amassed a sizeable following on the platform as a result of his success.

On the platform, the content creator is now identified by the handle @kane. He has more than 2.9 million followers on the platform, and every video that he creates has millions of views.

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Kane utilizes TikTok quite frequently in order to reenact various scenarios. Some of his most popular videos include “Me coming home after failing out of college” and “Me hyping up my dad’s apartment after the divorce,” among others.

On June 26, Kane even took to the platform to share a video alongside Blueface to confirm that the two of them would be fighting each other.

Since that time, the TikTok star has published a number of posts on the platform that show his training sessions.

Rapper Gives Their Opinion on the Fight

The rapper has assured everyone that he is taking the fight between Blueface and Kane seriously, despite the fact that some people might consider it to be a lighthearted event.

Blueface Vs Kane When

While speaking to TMZ, the rapper admitted that he had never tried boxing before. He declared, “I was never a boxer.” I’m in a gang, so I just get into a lot of fights.

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“When asked about the effort he is putting forth, Blueface stated, “Recently, I’ve only been eating things that have been grilled or baked.”

That’s right, I’m watching what I eat and everything else. I ain’t been smoking, drinking, or doing nothing.” The rapper has also recently released a song with the title TikTok. Already, tens of thousands of people have listened to the song.

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