Maximilian Schmidt: Where is Shiny Flakes Now in 2022?

In recent years, there has been an explosion in popularity of true-crime documentaries, and Netflix has become the home of some of the best documentaries in this category.

Shiny Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord, on the other hand, is a little bit different from other true-crime documentaries because the story of Maximilian Schmidt actually inspired a drama series of its own on Netflix called How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), which has just recently returned for its third season.

Shiny Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord can be found on Netflix. The story of Maximilian Schmidt is almost too implausible to be made into a television series, but what exactly happened to “Shiny Flakes,” and where is he at this point in time?

Shiny Flakes: the Teenage Drug Lord Release Date and Synopsis

Shiny Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord was added to Netflix on August 3, 2021, exactly one week after the third season of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) was made available to watch online.

The feature-length documentary film depicts the true story of Maximilian Schmidt, also known as Shiny Flakes online, who developed an online drug empire from his childhood bedroom. Schmidt is known by his online alias, Shiny Flakes.

Maximilian was taken into custody in February 2015, while he was only 19 years old, for selling a total of 4.1 million euros’ worth of drugs over the course of 14 months.

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However, the German police still don’t know where the majority of the money is because Schmidt traded in Bitcoin, and there are supposedly two Bitcoin wallets that the police have been unable to access. This situation has persisted up till the present day.

Maximilian Schmidt

What Happened to Maximilian Schmidt?

After his arrest, Maximilian Schmidt admitted to the acts he had committed, and in August 2015, he was sentenced to seven years in a juvenile facility.

Because he exhibited emotional immaturity, he was tried as a minor, and this led to his sentencing. According to Vice, Maximilian committed two significant blunders in the time leading up to his arrest, which drew the notice of the Leipzig Police.

One of his packages had an inaccurate address on it, and when it was returned to him, it was opened and drugs were found inside. This was the first mistake he made that led to his arrest.

And the other thing was that he made all of his deliveries from the same postage station, which was not too far from his house and was under surveillance by CCTV cameras.

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After Maximilian’s arrest, numerous of his goods were taken into custody, one of which was the computer on which he performed the majority of his business and which also had a record of thousands of customers.

After the authorities were finally able to access into Schmidt’s computer, they discovered the database, which led to the initiation of more than 4,000 separate legal investigations.

As a direct consequence of this, Maximilian was subpoenaed to testify in hundreds of trials on behalf of individuals who had allegedly purchased narcotics from his website, and he attended a good number of these hearings while out on day parole.

After completing slightly more than three and a half years of his seven-year sentence, Schmidt was finally freed from prison in June 2019.

Where is Shiny Flakes Now?

An inquiry has been opened on a fresh allegation of wrongdoing involving Maximilian Schmidt. A number of persons were taken into custody in connection with a drug bust that took place in Leipzig in August 2020, as the latter moments of the documentary explain.

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According to the Shiny Flakes documentary, by March 2021, Schmidt was the subject of a new inquiry because it was suspected that he was one of several persons behind a newly established website for the sale of illicit drugs.

According to what is made abundantly obvious in the video, Maximilian has not yet been formally charged with any crime as of the time of the documentary’s publication on August 3rd.

The process of the inquiry is still underway at this point. In the event that he is indicted, the presumption of innocence continues until the conclusion of the trial.

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