NCIS Los Angeles Recap Season 10, Episode 20: Right Now Check the Most Up-to-date Information!

NCIS: Los Angeles is an American action TV show that debuted on CBS on September 22, 2009. It has elements of both military dramas and police procedural.

Even if you don’t want to watch NCIS: Los Angeles tonight on CBS, there will be an all-new episode of the show called “Choke Point” on Sunday, April 14, 2019. On tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles season 10, episode 20, CBS says that “a Navy SEAL is attacked while moonlighting as a security guard for a successful marijuana dispensary.”

Sam vows to catch the suspect “out of respect for the Navy SEAL brotherhood.” So make sure to save this page and come back between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM ET for our recap of NCIS Los Angeles. Keep reading to see all of our NCIS: Los Angeles recaps, news, and more right now!

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There had been a break-in. They heard that two masked gunmen came up behind a marijuana dispensary SUV and shot the passenger while the driver seemed to getaway.

Because his passenger was with him, this became a case for NCIS. In this case, they were called in because Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Alonzo Garcia was badly hurt.

Garcia was working as a security guard because these drug businesses couldn’t rent armored trucks or use federally funded banks because marijuana wasn’t legal on the federal level.

So they had to make their all-cash payments to the Bureau of Cannabis Control the long way, which took a lot longer than it should have. People were hired by the company to make the money run to Arizona on their own.

Most of the time, these men were carrying a lot of money, so they had to be careful. Over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars were in this truck alone. There are a lot of dispensaries owned by the company in Los Angeles. They have to pay a fee for each store based on how much money they make there.

ncis los angeles season 10 episode 20

Because of this, there was so much on this last run. The team thought there was a chance that the driver might have been involved, and that’s why he didn’t show up. They also tried to talk to Garcia. In order to communicate with Garcia, he used Morse Code.

Garcia couldn’t talk because he had a tube in his throat. He would blink out the code, and he would try to tell the team that this was an SOS situation, but they didn’t understand.

They told him that they knew he was in a tight spot and that he did everything he could. He at least stayed around to fight. That’s why they tried to find out about him and his partner.

Garcia couldn’t say anything before he started to panic, so the doctors had to stop him from talking, and they had to call it a day.

No one wanted to push Garcia, but they didn’t learn anything new from him either. Nobody knew about the heist or who anyone was. A member of the team tried to talk to the woman who owns the company.

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She told them that she doesn’t think anyone on her payroll is to blame for the heist. If you work for her, you get paid a lot and even get full medical benefits.

She doesn’t have any angry former employees because everyone who worked for her needs this job now. Because if someone was going to betray her, why now and not when she first opened a dispensary, she said.

Back then, things didn’t work out so well for her. People were worried about the legality of working for her, so she didn’t know who to trust.

The team didn’t want to hear it, but it made sense. There was no reason to break with the company and risk your job for a one-time payoff.

As a result, they began to look for answers outside the classroom. Asked whether the burglary had been used as a way to get somewhere else, they looked at what evidence they already had on them.

They ran a test on the ammo they found at the scene and found that it was linked to a person who had been convicted of a crime.

ncis los angeles season 10 episode 20

He has a long criminal record, and his fingerprints were found on the spent rounds. He also tried to run when the team came to his door, so they had to chase him.

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Sam might have put too much anger into his efforts. He was so angry that a fellow SEAL was hurt that he used a surfboard to knock Booker out. If the team hadn’t told him to stop, he would have killed him.

During Sam’s stunt, Booker asked for his lawyer right away. When he wasn’t with his lawyer, the team went through his house. They found a lot of garbage until Kensi came across a burner, then they found more garbage.

This burner was always in touch with two other people, and these other people made sure to take out their SIM cards often so that they couldn’t be traced.

When the team forced someone to turn their phone on, it led them to the next person on their list. In the second group, Edward Morrison was the second person.

In the house where he was born and raised, he lived. Since his mother died, he’s been living there by himself. He might have lost it because of that.

As soon as the team told him they were federal agents, Edward turned into a recluse and shot at them. They had to get help just to ram the door open, and then they had to deal with an even more stupid situation.

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Because Edward was in a room by himself, he began to weep. When he couldn’t move or reach his gun, he asked for help. Only when they smashed the door, did Edward, who was fine, get up and tried to shoot at them again. Before they killed him, he said, “You’ll never be able to take our place.”

All but a few people knew that was the chant of White Nationalists, and they found proof of Edward’s allegiance in the house. He was a hoarder, so he kept everything because he was that way. That also included the receipts, so

Edward and his friends have been going to gun shows and buying guns. They have been stocking upon them. It turns out that the money they stole was used to buy even more weapons, so the team knew that his group was going to target a place.

They were told that there was an immigration rally nearby, so they went there. That’s when they ran into the driver. He was on a rooftop waiting to kill a lot of people because of the ignorant and hateful thought that white people were being slowly wiped out in the United States.

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