The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: Where to Watch This Show?

The Sex Lives of College Girls is an American teen comedy-drama streaming TV show that debuted on HBO Max on November 18, 2021.

It was made by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble. The show was picked up for a second season in December 2021.

Bela chooses to put herself out there while Kimberly begins tutoring with Nico in the latest episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls Whitney and Dalton rekindle their romance as Leighton faces the music. Find out what occurs in “Le Tuteur” by reading on.

Impacts of Drunkenness and Chaos

President Lacey meets with Leighton to discuss the consequences of her inebriated behavior. To no avail, she tries to bribe him.

As an alternative, he has her do 100 hours of community service at a women’s facility. After Leighton returns, the group announces themselves. Alicia is in charge of all the volunteers and continues her conversation with Leighton.

Alicia isn’t having it when Leighton tries to give her the rundown on what’s going to happen. As a result, Leighton’s first task is to organize a poetry reading. Leighton tries to bribe President Lacey for the final time.

When Leighton sees the acts at the poetry night, she is unable to hold back her laughter. She also enjoys a glass of wine.

Leighton is forced to leave the room when one person begins singing a song. Leighton is reprimanded by Alicia as she follows her outside.

She assures Leighton that her time will not be counted because she is a part-time employee. They appear to atone for their transgressions when they clean up after themselves.

At the very least, Leighton should mock the people he dislikes in private. She says she’ll do her best.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Cast:

  • Kimberly is played by Pauline Chalamet.
  • Bela is played by Amrit Kaur.
  • Reneé Rapp portrays Leighton.
  • Whitney is played by Alyah Chanelle Scott.
  • Nico is played by Gavin Leatherwood.
  • Canaan is played by Chris Meyer.
  • Paulino (Ilia Isorel) as Lila
  • Willow is played by Renika Williams.
  • Jocelyn is played by Lolo Spencer.
  • Alicia is played by Midori Francis.

On the Verge of a Big Win

Bela is scrolling through Tinder in her dorm room and swiping left on nearly everyone. As Whitney considers her options, A look of her messages shows that Bela frequently asks for shirtless photos, which leads to a debate about abs.

Upon her arrival, Leighton complains about her time spent volunteering. A stench of decay soon follows. They blame Bela for everything. According to her, it isn’t.

Kimberly and Bela walk together a little late. Kim’s next tutoring session with Nico has them both giddy with anticipation.

Soccer coach informs his team they have a chance to make it to the tournament while still coaching. Of course, this would not be possible without Whitney’s help.

Dalton and Whitney’s gazes meet as Whitney moves closer to him. They’re having sex in a closet just a few minutes later.

But Dalton’s wife, Michelle, is on the phone. He is hardly clothed. Michelle tells him she’ll be outside when he gets back.

He tells Whitney he loves her one last time before he leaves. In the library, Bela introduces herself to a boy whose abs caught her eye.

Frude passes past their chamber. The refrigerator was the subject of a complaint. There was a time when Whitney was ready to throw it away, but Kim suggested that they clean it together.

However, this is impossible. There is a poetry night for Leighton, and Bela plans to hook up with an abs boy on the sidelines.

In the End, It’s All About the Abs!

A belly-laughing abs boy is sitting across from Bela in the dining hall. When he gets up, Bela excitedly consults with Jocelyn.

A few minutes later, Bela is in her room with an abs boy. However, she first takes a look at his abs before they get into the horizontal mambo. Bela had an epiphany as they’re working on it.

Abs boy slept with her because she is amusing to him, she later tells Whitney and Kim. They, on the other hand, fail to see the problem.

They’re still trying to comfort her, but it doesn’t seem to work. They believe Bela has learned an important lesson at the end of their conversation. All she needs to do is locate a guy and pretend to be someone else.

Are You Fluent in French ?

Once Kim and Nico have started coaching at Sips, it’s clear that Nico has a thing for her. Nico explains to her how he learnt the language.

Kim connects with her own tale. Using a straw to move through a bagel hole, Lila sends a text message to Nico. In order to obtain credit for coaching Kim, Nico hands Kim a sheet of paper. She attempts to keep her emotions in check.

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Kim and Lila discuss Nico later in her shift. He enters, and Lila gives him a praise on his appearance before stepping away from them both.

He wants to watch The Golden Girls in French with Kim, and so he invites her to join him.

The following evening, she arrives at his frat house wearing a sweater themed to the occasion and with a cheesecake. In the event that she shows up, Nico is nowhere to be seen.

He gets a call from her. He didn’t remember, but he’s willing to take a rain check.

Kim and French GG clean out the fridge together in the dorm room till Bela arrives back. Abs boy is brought up by Kim.

Despite Bela’s claims to the contrary, they had sex again after she claimed to have ended things. In response, Bela inquires about the odour.

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It had everything. The fridge had been disconnected. When Bela used Travis’ spray tan machine, she didn’t realize she had done that.

Take Your Wife Out of Your Life

Whitney asks Dalton about the credenza after they race each other. In order to demonstrate, Dalton takes out his phone and hands it to her.

His phone has her name preloaded, and she is aware of it. As soon as she sees his nickname for her, she gets the shock of her life.

There’s no nice nickname for Whitney, and that’s making her sad. She’s sick of being a snitch and wants to go on a genuine date with him, not just a blind date.

That’s why Dalton agrees. Whitney receives a surprise invitation from him. He sets up a modest projector in the woods for a movie night and takes her there.

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His phone rings after the film have ended. It’s Michelle here. Dalton responds to Michelle’s text and shows it to Whitney, indicating that he intends to speak with her about it.

Michelle is going to bring up the text when he gets back from his trip. To avoid the conversation, he pretends it was meant for someone else and refuses to participate.

Meanwhile, Whitney is walking on air. She believes that she and Dalton will eventually reach a new level of intimacy.

Where to Watch the Sex Lives of College Girls?

You, can this series on HBO.

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