Claws Season 5 Release Date: Why Did Jack Kesy Resign From This Series?

Claws is a television show in the United States. Claws is a comedy, crime, and drama series. It received a favorable response from the audience.

Claws has a rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb. Let’s find out everything we can about the fifth season of Claws. Its first season, consisting of ten episodes, premiered on December 13, 2016.

The show was originally intended to be a half-hour, one-camera comedy for HBO. The majority of the show’s episodes were shot in New Orleans.

On July 12, 2017, it was renewed for a second season, which premiered on June 10, 2018. TNT renewed Claws for a third season in response to popular demand, which premiered on June 9, 2019.

TNT has also renewed The Claws for a fourth season, which will premiere on December 19, 2021.

Claws Season 5 Release Date: When Will It Be Available?

Claws Season 5 has not yet been renewed, but there is a slim chance that it will be. Claws’ fourth season ended on a high note, and it appears that the producers have finally revealed the resolution.

According to reports, Netflix has already acquired the show, so season 5 of Claws would premiere in mid-2023 or early 2024 if the network agrees to continue it.

Claws Season 5 Cast:

The Claws Season 5 cast is expected to be announced soon.

  • Desna Simms is played by Niecy Nash.
  • Polly Marks is played by Carrie Preston.
  • Karrueche Tran as Virginia Loc, Judy Reyes as Annalise
  • Jennifer Husser is played by Jenn Lyon.
  • Bryce Husser is played by Kevin Rankin.
  • Ken Brickman is played by Jason Antoon.
  • Dean Simms is played by Harold Perrineau.
  • Clay is played by Dean Norris.
  • Gregory Ruval is played by Jimmy Jean-Louis.
  • Arlene Branch is played by Suleka Mathew.
  • Toby is played by Evan Daigle.
  • Hunter Burke in the role of Hank Gluck

Claws Season 5 Plot

Do you think men make up the majority of the mafia? This American television program deviates from the norm. The main characters in this tale are five stunning nail techs who work in a county on the western coast of Florida.

Claws Season 5

Moreover, a sizable criminal organization uses their salon as a means of money laundering. The females will eventually have to break free of gang control and start their own companies.

Despite the limitations of wealthy men, they must assert their individuality and substance. In terms of the genre, it resembles a dramedy with a crime premise.

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The story exposes the audience to the passion, intrigue, struggle, and other elements of modern mafia life. A great feast for the eyes, the vibrant colors and stunning waters capes are equally notable.

What Can We Anticipate From Season 5 of Claws?

Characters in a Rashida Jones production business sitcom about manicures and money laundering can be believable antiheroes.

Five female Nail Artisans of Manatee County workers are being pursued by claws. With a varied cast led almost entirely by women and risqué characters involved in organized crime and nail art, Claws is a celebration of sisterhood.

Despite the show’s sometimes inconsistent pace and dialogue, the edgier and more menacing claws is a welcome addition to your TV queue.

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Claws Season 4 Review

Season 4 of Claws received excellent reviews from critics. Perhaps the fourth season of the television series Claws will also enjoy a positive audience response.

In Season 4 of Claws, Desna returns to her money laundering background, and then proceeds to sell Oxycontin concealed in nail polish bottles.

Let’s observe what transpires afterwards. Maybe Season 5 of Claws will pick up where Season 4 left off, but a new beginning is also feasible.

Claws Season 5

If we receive any new information regarding the plot of the fifth season of Claws, we will include it here.

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Claws Season 5 Trailer

The official trailer for Claws Season 5 has not yet been released; perhaps it will be released following the announcement of Claws’ fifth season. Let’s watch the official Season 4 trailer for claws. TNT released the product on September 23, 2021. View it below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I See This Series Claws?

If you want to watch this show, you can do so on the official platform, which is TNT. This show can be watched online on Stant, Google Play, Apple! Tune Video, and more. So, if you missed an episode, you can watch it on one of these platforms.

Why Did Jack Kesy Resign From Claws Series?

During the pandemic, the filming schedule for the Claws series changed a lot. Because of this, actor Jack Kesy, who plays Rolla, couldn’t stay with the Claws crew for a longer time. In Claws Season 2, Episode 10, Jack Kasy’s character Roller ran away after killing Clint.

Will Claws Be Back in 2022?

When the fourth season was announced in October 2019, it was also made official that this episode would be the last one, giving a fitting ending to each character in the show. The people who make the “Claws” series could change their minds in the future, but not yet. So, Claws is not coming back in 2022.

How Many Claws Series Seasons Are There?

There have only been four seasons of Claws so far.


The comedy-drama show claws has kept us entertained for four seasons, but we still want more. But even our favorites aren’t meant to go on forever.

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