Ghoster Release Date: When Will It Be Available for Online Streaming?

Prior to a month ago, Lionsgate unveiled the Ghoster trailer, which critics have started to call a clear parody of the 1995 horror classic Casper.

Even though the movie has drawn flak for blatantly ripping off “Casper,” it’s difficult to imagine that it was ever made.

The movie’s summary goes something like this: “This entertaining family adventure takes you to a mystical, ghostly world.”

Ghoster Release Date:

This year’s Halloween season will be spookier thanks to Ghoster, which the directors intend to release on digital, on-demand, and DVD on October 11, 2022, According to the collider.

Ghoster Release Date

The younger audience needs family-friendly horror/thriller movies like Spirit Halloween and the upcoming Hocus Pocus sequel, even if October will be full of blockbusters like Halloween Ends and Prey for the Devil.

Ghoster Plot: What Will Be the Storyline of This?

Elizabeth receives a letter from an uncle on her mother’s side that she was unaware of and who declares her the sole heir of Echoville Manor once he passes away.

The son who had lived there abruptly vanished many years ago, so when she and her father go to the manor, they find that no one has lived there since.

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Later, when she is exploring the house, she runs with Ghoster, the ghost of that child. Ghoster asks for their help to remove a ghost dragon’s curse.

Mateo, her father, and Elizabeth all consent to help Ghoster. Ghoster returns their favour by helping them stop the bank from purchasing the Manor.

Ghoster Release Date

Elizabeth’s father claims that your mother would not have consented to our capitulation without a battle.

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Ghoster Cast: Who Will Appear in This Movie?

  • Elizabeth Oren is played by Sophie Proctor.
  • Ghoster is played by David Henrie.
  • James Oren is played by J.R. Brown.
  • Mateo is played by Josh Excayg.
  • Connie is played by Rachel G. Whittle.
  • Mr. Alessi is played by Marlon Ladd.
  • Juan is played by Gerardo Davila.
  • Joe is played by Dale Dobson.
  • Abigail Oren is played by Christy Tate.

When Will It Be Available for Online Streaming?

Ghoster will be released on October 11 this Halloween season and will be accessible on digital, on-demand, and DVD on October 11 of 2022.

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Ghoster Release Date


When Ghoster enlists her help in rescuing him from a ghost dragon’s spell, Elizabeth embarks on an incredible adventure with her father (J.R. Brown) and the caretaker’s son, Mateo (Josh Escayg). The film’s poster calls it “an extraordinary ghost story.”

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