Stephanie Pappas Net Worth: Is She Dating Someone?

Stephanie Pappas’ current estimated net worth is $272,000. Steph is an internet sensation. She runs a YouTube channel with the same name. She primarily shares irrelevant information like as sponsored advertising, make-up tutorials, cuisine reviews, and mukbangs (eating shows).

She now has a significant YouTube following and frequently uploads films to amuse herself and others.

Name  Steph Pappas
Birth Date   14 July 2000
Age  21 
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber, Tik Tokker, Instagram Star

Stephanie Pappas’s Early Life

Pappas is a well-known YouTuber from Ohio, United States of America. Her full name is Pappas, although she is more popularly known as Steph Pappas, which is also the name of her YouTube channel.

She enjoys eating a lot, which is why she makes popular mukbang films that are viewed by millions of people across the world.

For years, she has entertained her subscribers by reviewing new fast-food items and cooking meals in her home. She has around 1.4 million subscribers on her YouTube account.

Stephanie Pappas Net Worth

Stephanie Pappas, also known as Steph Pappas, was born on July 14, 2000, in North Canton, Ohio, USA. Her family and educational background are unknown.

However, she did grow up with her older brother, Nick, which is a fact. Nick is currently working as a manager, according to reports. Ms. Pappas is blessed with a loving family.

Her entire family, whether her mother, father, or brother, supports her in her job as a videographer.

Steph Pappas’s Net Worth

Miss. Pappas estimated her current net worth at $272,000 according to statsmash. Steph Pappas, who will be 22 in 2022, is surely living comfortably because to her tenacity, creativity, and knowledge of social media content.

Qualifications of Steph Pappas

According to her educational history, she completed her primary school in Ohio, the state where she was born and reared, in the United States.

She later finished high school in Ohio, in the United States, at Hoover High School. She claims in her video that she had academic difficulties and obtained a C. She regularly partakes in extracurricular pursuits.

She and her family are presently residing in Ohio, USA.

Work history of Steph Pappas

When she first hustled for a living, she began with a shared or joined YouTube channel. She and Ashley Rivera both accessed the same channel.

The name of the couple’s YouTube account was their initials combined. She published a review of Burger King’s newest spicy chicken sandwich on her YouTube channel in October 2018, and the video received more than 8 million views.

Stephanie Pappas Net Worth

She and Ashley Rivera kept in touch and met online for more than six years, all the while maintaining their friendship.

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A well-known YouTube personality and social media influencer, Stephanie Pappas is recognized for creating original videos for her channel of the same name.

Steph Pappas’s Instagram Account


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Personal Life

During that time, she started dating popular YouTuber Ross Smith, however their relationship ended in November 2021 after just a few months.

There are no rumors that she is dating anyone yet. Steph contemplated acquiring a pet for a long before deciding in March 2022 to adopt a French bulldog she named Hershey Pappas.

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Steph Pappas Awards & Honors

Steph Pappas received two YouTube play buttons: a silver play button for reaching the target of 100,000 subscribers and a golden play button for reaching the target of 1,000,000 subscribers.

Steph Pappas’s Interesting Facts

She said that she did not perform academically and received the bulk of Cs.

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Stephanie Pappas Net Worth

  • English and history were her weakest academic areas.
  • On her left shoulder, right below the collarbone, she has a daisy tattooed.
  • The most humiliating episode was when she was ill all day in second grade. She collapsed on the floor when she approached her teacher to inform her.
  • If she wasn’t on YouTube, she’d be working in a clothing store.
  • On Friday the 13th, at midnight, she was born.
  • She has a connection to Better Help, a mental health group.
  • Shawn Mendes, Joshua Ritchie, and Brandon Thomas Lee from the Love Island UK series are among her favorites.

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