Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Reappear in the Upcoming Season?

Back to 15, is a popular Brazilian teen drama TV show that premiered on Netflix on February 25, 2022. The series is based on Bruna Vieira’s 2013 book of the same name.

It was directed by Vivianne Jundi and Dainara Toffoli, and the screenplay was written by Renata Kochen, Alice Marcone, Bryan Ruffo, and Janana Tokitaka.

It stars Maisa Silva, Camila Queiroz, and Klara Castanho. Carol Alckmin and Mayra Lucas are in charge of making the show. While Paulo Serpa and Rodrigo Sarti Werthein are in charge of making the show.

If you’re here wondering if there will be a second season of Back to 15, read this post all the way to the end. It will tell you what you want to know.

Back To 15 Season 2 Release Date

When Will “Back to 15 Season 2” Be Released?

Unfortunately, no release date has been set because Netflix has yet to approve the series for a second season. Season one, consisting of six episodes, was published on February 25, 2022.

To put it another way, it hasn’t been that long since the last season ended. So fans should relax since, based on audience reaction, the first season was a hit, and it’s quite probable that Back to 15 will return with a brand-new season.

Nonetheless, the first season’s finale ends on a cliffhanger, implying that the story will likely continue in the following chapter.

We cannot anticipate the exact air date, but according to the nilsenreport, season 2 could arrive sometime in 2023.

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Back To 15 Season 2 Cast: Who Will Reappear?

In the upcoming season of Back to 15, it is anticipated that the major characters and significant supporting characters will return. Include the following names:

Back To 15 Season 2 Release Date

  • Camila Queiroz will portray Anita Rocha.
  • Mariana Rios will portray Luiza Rocha.
  • Vânia Rocha is portrayed by Luciana Braga.
  • Yana Sardenberg will represent Carol in the movie
  • Fabrcio will be portrayed by Bruno Montaleone.
  • Breno Ferreira will play Henrique.
  • Alice Marcone will portray Cesar/Camila.
  • The part of Eduardo will be played by Fabrcio Licursi.
  • Rafael Coimbra will return as Douglas Dourado.

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What to Expect From the Back to Story 15?

Back to 15’s first season allowed us to see the entire story through Anita’s eyes. Since Joel was the only one who unintentionally found Anita’s secret and her going back to 15, we anticipate that in the future season two, he would also encounter the same event, where everything will be revealed right in front of his eyes.

If the show runners don’t have any shocking shocks planned, season two should provide a satisfying conclusion to everything that happened in season one.

Recap of Back to 15

Anita is a 30-year-old woman who is tired of navigating the difficulties of life and maturity. Her sole wish is to be half her age again, when she was carefree, happy, and always willing to take risks. Her request is accomplished, and now an adult her is trapped in a carefree and innocent her.

Back To 15 Season 2 Release Date

Isn’t it strange? She feels dumb about her acts at first, but gradually comes to appreciate them because they form her life; she also becomes cautious and takes control of the steering wheel because she does not want to end up like the 30-year-old woman she has become.

The performance is a powerhouse of emotions and a tried notion about age-related wonders and melting back into childhood.

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Fans are eager to immerse themselves once more in the plot and relive their high school years. So stay tuned for all the latest Back to 15 Season 2 news.

Is There a Trailer for Season 2 of Back to 15?

Sadly, the second season’s official trailer has not yet been made public. Although the release date has not been determined, we are aware that the clip won’t be made public until the show’s production schedule has been made public. Up till the updates for the second season are available, we can provide you the trailer for the first season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Watch Back to 15?

The program, formerly known as De Volta Aos, is available on Netflix worldwide, but only with a premium membership.

How Many Episodes Will Season 2 of Back to 15 Contain?

The first season of the show consists of six about forty-minute-long episodes. We may expect that Season 2, which is currently unannounced, will contain more or longer episodes considering that the current season is shorter than the average Netflix series.

What Are the Season 1 Back to 15 IMDB Ratings?

The first season of Back to 15 has a 6.7/10 rating on IMDB.

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