Say I Love You Season 2 Release Date: Where to Watch This Magma Series?

Say I Love You is a 2008 romance manga from Japan that was written by Kanae Hazuki. From October 6 to December 30, 2012, an anime version made by Zexcs was shown.

The first season of Say I Love You came out a few years ago, and in this article, we’ll tell you if the second season is coming soon or not.

As the name suggests, the series is about a high school student and a young girl named Mei who fall in love. The stories of most anime these days are based on high school, and this show is no different.

But that’s not why it’s there. It’s there for a different reason, which helps connect the story to the old pound.

Is Season 2 of Say I Love You Has Been Renewed?

Sukette ii na yo’s narrative also follows a standard high-school structure. In any event, its execution and depiction set it apart from other shows.

Say I Love You Season 2

Nonetheless, viewers will be bored for a few predictable minutes because the tale will only go in one direction. Some followers found it interesting because they were also in a significant relationship in high school.

In overall, the anime had a favourable reception from critics and a sizable audience. Even so, Zexcs felt compelled to make Say I Love You Season 2.

The anime series’ fate has yet to be determined by the studio. They did not say if they would cancel or relaunch the show. As a result, fans of this sentimental classic are still waiting to hear from the creators.

Say I Love You Season 2 Release Date

The creators are currently unable to give the show a distinct identity. Is there going to be another season? That is, indeed, a little perplexing.

Because the show has been on the air for nearly ten years, there are no words to characterize Say I Love You Season 2. The first season of this sitcom aired in October 2012 and consisted of 13 episodes.

As a result, a single OVA episode was released as a development. Since then, there have been no signs whether the story would continue.

According to the keeperfacts, Because a manga series adaptation has enough material for a single season, we can expect Say I love you season 2 to continue. It ran from 2008 to 2017, with just 29 episodes in season one.

It goes above and beyond in terms of the availability of source material. As a result, we estimate that the chances of it being reestablished are roughly 50/50. We’ll contact you as soon as we have more information.

Synopsis for Say I Love You Season 2

At this time, the story has not received permission. However, if the plot continues in Say I love you season 2, we now know a few things about what to expect.

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The protagonists of the novel, Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa, are introduced early on. High school understudy Mei Tachibana is insecure about her flaws all the time.

Say I Love You Season 2

Yamato, however, supports her since he has a soft spot for her. After much hesitation, Mei resolves with her love for him, and the narrative comes to a pleasant finish. However, there are still a number of problems to be resolved.

Which course of action do they intend to take? In case there is a second season, we will see what the couple’s future holds. There will also be significantly more tension and complexity this time around due to how predictable the plot is.

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Where to Watch Say I Love You Magma Series?

You can watch Say I Love You Magma Series on Hulu.

Cast of Say I Love You Season 2

Season 2 will witness the return of the show’s two protagonists, who were hugely popular in Season 1. Yamato Kurosawa will be introduced as the well-known high school understudy who helped Mei throughout the novel.

Say I Love You Season 2

Yamato’s prior flame, Mei Tachibana, will also appear. As the plot progresses, it’s feasible that a few new characters will be introduced.

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Official Trailer of Say I Love You


Thirteen episodes and an ODA make up the first season of the anime. The manga for this series has eighteen volumes in contrast.

Additionally, that suggests the authors have not yet adapted a sizable amount of source material into anime. In fact, they had enough material to produce Say I Love You Season 2 in 2014.

Zexcs Studios, though, declined to air the program. The chances of a second season have steadily decreased since the manga series ended three years ago because the producers currently have nothing to promote.

Compared to other action-dream anime shows, the love dramatizations are less well recognized. In light of this, it seems doubtful that Zexcs or another studio will decide to renew the eight-year-old show for a second season.

Although it has not been officially announced, a number of different factors seem to indicate that Say I Love You Season 2 has been cancelled.

Accordingly, it’s possible that the viewers will never get to watch the second season of this sentimental anime.

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