Jon Peter’s Net Worth 2022: When Did He Get Married to Barbra Streisand?

Jon Peters is a producer and director, was born in the United States. Peters first acquired prominence when he began dating the famous singer and actress Barbra Streisand, for whom he had created the short wig for the 1974 comedy For Pete’s Sake.

The next project he worked on for Streisand was the 1974 release of the album Butterfly. God Bless the Child and There Won’t Be Trumpets/A Quiet Thing were eventually included in her “Just For the Record” box set.

According to Streisand’s statement in the liner notes, no one at the record label shared my enthusiasm. In this essay, I will discuss Jon Peters’ net worth, career, and much more.

Net Worth: $300 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 2, 1945 (77 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Film Producer, Television producer, Hairdresser
Nationality: United States of America

Early Life of Jon Peter

In Van Nuys, California, on June 2, 1945, Jon Peter was born. Growing up, he apprenticed at a Beverly Hills salon on Rodeo Drive that belonged to his mother’s family, where he learned how to style women’s hair.

Jon Peter's Net Worth 2022

Jon was LA’s sexiest hairstylist in the 1970s. He charged a fortune for a single hairstyling and had dozens of famous clientele.

He was chosen to create a wig for Barbra Streisand to wear in the 1974 film “For Pete’s Sake.” Jon and Barbra quickly dated. At the time, he was wed to the singer Lesley Ann Warren.

Jon Peter’s Career Life

Jon Peter produced Barbra’s picture “A Star Is Born” in 1976. On a $6 million budget, the film grossed over $100 million at the box office and got four Oscar nominations.

Peters went on to produce a succession of chart-topping singles for Streisand’s award-winning albums. Jon founded Polygram Productions with fellow producer Peter Guber in 1980.

With the addition of producer Neil Bogart, the firm became Boardwalk Productions, albeit Bogart died in 1982. The Guber-Peters collaboration eventually produced a succession of blockbusters, including “Caddyshack,” “An American Werewolf in London,” “Flashdance,” and “The Color Purple.”

They turned their popularity into one of the most lucrative production deals in history, with Warner Brothers. Jon and Peter’s most successful film while working for Warner Bros. was 1989’s “Batman,” which grossed more than $400 million worldwide on a $35 million budget.

Guber and Peters’ huge success garnered them a multi-million dollar contract offer from Warner Brothers, which they initially accepted.


Soon after signing their contract, Sony came knocking, acquiring Guber-Peters Entertainment for $50 million in a deal that would make the two Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures.

The only difficulty was that they were still under contract with Warner Brothers. Warner sued the duo and Sony for breach of contract for $1 billion.

Sony eventually agreed to pay Warner Brothers $500 million to terminate the two’s contracts. As a result, Jon Peters and Peter Guber were appointed co-Chairmen of Sony Pictures.

They had no prior experience managing a large studio. While controlling Sony, Peters and Guber oversaw the creation of scores of high-profile, high-budget films, many of which bombed.

The managed the spending of $8 billion on production and other costs, resulting in a loss of more than $3 billion for Sony during Peters Guber’s tenure.

Peter and Jon each received a $30-50 million severance payment when they departed Sony in the mid-1990s. Jon purchased the cinematic rights to Superman in the 1990s.

For many years, he unsuccessfully attempted to produce a Superman film, including a period when Nicolas Cage was cast in the titular role.

Peters had a big equity stake in the backend success of both films when “Superman Returns” was released in 2006 and “Man of Steel” was released in 2013. Jon Peter then admitted that he received $85 million from those two films alone, despite having nothing to do with their development.

Jon Peter's Net Worth 2022

Producer Christopher Nolan really forbade him from visiting the set of Man of Steel. He played a similar role in the 2018 adaptation of “A Star Is Born.”

Jon Peter’s Net Worth 2022

According to the filmysiyappa, Jon Peters’ net worth is expected to be approximately $300 million in 2022, making him one of the world’s richest producers.

Peters began his profession as a hairdresser and rose through the ranks to become a successful filmmaker. Jon Peters’ net worth stems from his work in the film industry as well as other side projects.

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Peters has had over 254 nominations and numerous Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammys, with his total international revenues exceeding $6 billion.

Private Life

Jon has gone through four divorces. From 1967 to 1974, he was married to actress/singer Lesley Ann Warren. He astonished the world in 2020 when he announced his marriage to actress/model Pamela Anderson.

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They did have a brief relationship in the 1980s. Jon once used the Sony corporate plane to carry flowers to supermodel Vendela Kirsebom, according to legend.


The Christopher Reeve Foundation, Life Rolls On, Homeboy Industries, My Friend’s Place, Cambodian Children’s Fund, Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation, Heartfelt Foundation, The Laurence School, the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, and numerous other youth charities are supported by Peters through The Peters Family Foundation, which he established.

Jon Peter's Net Worth 2022

Real Estate

Jon has owned several incredibly wealthy homes throughout the years, particularly in Los Angeles. In 2002, he sold a Beverly Hills estate for $10.5 million.

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In 2009, he sold a $12 million hilltop mansion in the gated neighborhood of Beverly Park. His primary residence is currently a 3,000-acre property near Santa Barbara, California.

Legal Issues

Peters was fined $3.3 million in 2011 for creating a hostile work environment and engaging in sexual harassment while Superman Returns was being made.

After the incident, the 44-year-old single mother claimed that Peters’ standing in the field made it difficult for her to find employment; she later received both compensatory and punitive damages.

When Did Jon Peters and Barbra Streisand Get Married?

Peters had already been married and divorced twice by the time he began seeing Streisand. He afterwards married (and divorced) three more times. He married Christine Forsyth-Peters in 1987, and they had two daughters, Skye, 32, and Caleigh, 33.

How Old is Jon Peters?

Jon Peters is currently 77 years old.

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