How to Open for a Jet Account Online? How to Pay Online for My Jet Account?

The Jet account is a fashion brand that is carried at a diverse selection of retail locations around the country of South Africa.

At this time, Jet is not concentrating on its internet business; rather, the company has made its in-store business its top priority. The majority of Jet’s attention is being directed toward customers who shop in their physical stores.

How to apply for a Jet Account Online?

Here are the procedures that you need to take in order to open an online account with

  • To create an online account with Jet, follow the link that is provided.
  • After you have entered the name of the nation you are applying from and pressed the Next option, your application will be considered complete.
  • Select your gender, date of birth, nationality, RSA ID number, full name, mobile number, and email address.
  • Please respond to the questions regarding your current work and health conditions, and indicate whether you consent to the collection of information from a registered credit card bureau.
  • Confirm that you are willing and able to comply with the terms and conditions, and then finish the application process.


Open Jet Account Online

There are three conditions to meet before opening a JET account.

  • Your driver’s license or other official identification document
  • Evidence of the resident’s address
  • Payslips or bank statements from the most recent period

How to Create a Jet Account Using SMS?

Send a text message with your name and the 16-digit or 19-digit number on your Thank-you card to the Jet Club at 35442. The staff from the bank will get in touch with you again by phone.

How to Pay Online for My Jet Account?

You are able to make a payment toward your Jet account online through the use of an electronic fund transfer.

Include the name of the bank, the account number information, and the branch number. Additionally, include your Jet account number in the reference number field.

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How to Pay Your Jet Account Using the Capitec App?

The payment to your Jet account is regarded to be an account transfer for the purposes of your Capitec app; the following is the process that you need to complete.

  • Choose the option to Transact, and then navigate to the Payments tab.
  • To access your account, you will need to provide the private Remote PIN.
  • Select a recipient for your contribution, and then fill out the necessary information.
  • Please re-enter your personal identification number for the remote control.

Is It Possible to Create a Jet Account Online?

Although you can create a Jet account online, the company strongly encourages customers to do so in one of their physical stores. They have recently shifted their attention away from their online business and onto their traditional storefront operations.


If you are interested in opening a Jet account, the following piece of writing provides information on many of the most important aspects of doing so with Jet.

After giving them due consideration, you should determine whether you prefer an offline or an online account.

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