The Menu Release Date: Who Will Be in This Movie Latest Update?

The 2022 film The Menu is about to give audiences a dark comedic treat, so get ready to make a reservation for one disastrous dining experience.

So what is The Menu cooking up right now? (OK, I believe we’ve used all of our allusions to food or restaurants now.)

Along with having an all-star cast, The Menu’s creative team includes numerous people with ties to one of the best television programs, Succession.

Included in this are screenplay duo Will Tracy and Mark Mylod, as well as producer Adam McKay. Will The Menu have the same biting satire as the HBO show?

The Menu Release Date

According to, whattowatch The movie “The Menu” will be released on November 18, 2022. (Friday). Regarding the streaming of movies on other internet platforms, such as Netflix and Prime Video, there are no recent developments.

The Menu Release Date

Culinary Chaos, a Searchlight Productions movie, is believed to be too intense for indie distributors, hence Hulu is the most likely streaming destination. As a result, we won’t be able to see it until November.

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The Menu Plot

The Menu is a unique concept created by screenwriters Will Tracy and Seth Reiss. The movie is reportedly a blend of humor, horror, and thriller elements with a setting at a posh, elite dining establishment. The official synopsis from Searchlight Pictures is as follows:

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A couple makes the trip to a coastal island to dine at a posh restaurant where the chef has created a rich feast with some unexpected shocks.

In the official trailer, which you can view below, the plot is described a little more in detail. The experience is more than just the dinner because it seems like the guests are engaged in a dangerous hunt.

The Menu Release Date

The Menu Cast: Who Will Be in This Movie?

  • Slowik is played by Ralph Fiennes.
  • Margot is played by Anya Taylor-Joy.
  • Tyler is played by Nicholas Hoult.
  • Elsa is played by Hong Chau.
  • Lillian Bloom is played by Janet McTeer.
  • Anne is played by Judith Light.
  • As a movie star, John Leguizamo
  • Richard is played by Reed Birney.
  • Lillian’s editor is Paul Adelstein.
  • Felicity is played by Aimee Carrero.
  • Soren is played by Arturo Castro.
  • Dave is played by Mark St. Cyr.
  • Bryce is played by Rob Yang.
  • Linda is played by Rebecca Koon.

The Menu Release Date

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Who is Directing the Menu Movie?

The Menu is directed by Mark Mylod. Mylod has directed episodes of Shameless (both the US and UK versions), Entourage, Games of Thrones, and Succession, including four from the most current season 3.

Additionally, Mylod is an executive producer on Succession. Prior to The Menu, he appeared in Ali G Indahouse, The Big White, and What’s Your Number.

Where Can I Watch the Menu Movie?

The film “The Menu” will be released in theaters on November 18, 2022, which isn’t far away. The streaming service that will include The Menu in its media collection is an unknown.

Trailer for the Menu Movie

On August 10, 2022, the second trailer for The Menu was uploaded on YouTube. Only one month had gone before the trailer became extremely popular. It heightened the audience’s interest in this exhilarating and darkly comic thriller.


Right before Thanksgiving, Searchlight Pictures will release the film in theaters across the US. This timing doesn’t seem random because the upcoming murder mystery dinner party movie would be a great choice for a Thanksgiving family outing.

What is happening on Chef Slowik’s island is still a mystery, so all we can do right now is guess from the trailer what might be going on and what’s on the “menu.”

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