Overlord Season 5 Release Date: How Can I View This Anime Series for Free?

Overlord Season 5 release date is not confirmed. The fourth season of Overlord is coming to a close, and fans are already looking forward to the upcoming season.

There is a plenty of action and adventure, and the animation is the best. I enjoy and am intrigued by the characters and premise of the story. I cannot wait to find out what occurs next.

This article provides a summary of what we know about the forthcoming season of the popular anime series Overlord. If you like to understand more about the fifth season of The Overlord, please read the whole article.

When Will Overlord Season 5 Release?

The fourth season of Overlord is almost over, but the show’s supporters are clamoring for a fifth. To date, there have been no official announcements regarding Overlord’s possible fifth season.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

Therefore, we won’t know if it will until the program is renewed. The launch of Overlord’s fifth season is expected to occur sometime in 2023 (according to amazfeed).

Social Media Conversations Regarding Overlord Anime Series

Fans will be happy to know that, following the conclusion of Overlord Season 4, they will soon receive more than just another season. A 2D action game will also be playable on the PC and Nintendo Switch through Steam.

The future game will follow the recently deceased nasty psychopath Clementine as she tries to escape the Tomb of Nazarick by retrieving lost memories and practicing martial arts, according to a brand-new, original tale written by Overlord novelist Kugane Maruyama.

Fans of Overlord are eager to get their hands on the 2D combat screen despite the lack of a release date after viewing images of it online.

Overlord Season 5 Cast

Though not many facts about the season 5 cast are known. However, we have attempted to gather as much information as possible. Let’s take a look at the Overlord season 5 cast.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

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  • Satoshi Hino will take on the role of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • Albedo will be played by Yumi Hara.
  • Shaltear Bloodfallen will be played by Sumire Uesaka.
  • Kenta Miyake will portray the role of Guardian Cocytus.
  • Aura will be played by Emiri Kato.
  • Mare will be played by Yumi Uchiyama.
  • Demiurge will be played by Masayuki Katou.

Review & Rating for Season 4 of Overlord


I can reassure you that the series is pretty good if you haven’t watched it but are interested in its calibre. The show has a decent rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb and an average audience rating of 8.32/10 on Myanimelist.

As a result, I believe that this program is indispensable. If you’re still unsure whether to watch it, check out what other people have to say about it.

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It was well worth watching because the animation was superb. It wasn’t humorous like sword art online; rather, it was grimmer, more graphic, etc. Effective character development was used. However, I genuinely enjoyed the majority of it, especially the first and second seasons of the anime.

I can’t say the novel I read was especially bad, but I had hoped for one that was more engaging and exciting. The story gets an 8 out of 10. Watching it is worthwhile.

Overlord Season 5 Plot

The fifth season of the television show Overlord has returned, and people are eager to see what funny material the fifth season will provide.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

Additionally, there is a chance that new characters will join Overlord’s next season, adding to the show’s entertainment value and adding romance between the main characters to liven things up.

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The fifth season of the television show Overlord will also feature some intriguing story twists.

Overlord Season 5 Trailer

The fifth season of Overlord has no trailer yet. However, be sure to return frequently as we will keep you informed of any new details pertaining to the forthcoming Season. If it is accessible, you will see it on our page. The Season 1 trailer is accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I View Overlord?

This series is available for viewing on Funimation Subscriptions, along with all previous and subsequent episodes. Various internet platforms allow fans to view their favorite television episodes and films from anywhere and at any time.

How Many Seasons Are There of Overlord Series?

Overlord anime series has four seasons.

Was Season 5 of Overlord Cancelled?

There have been no official announcements regarding the cancellation of Season 5 of Overlord. If the creators pursue their aspirations, the film might be released by the end of 2023.

How Can I View Overlord Without Cost?

No, this series cannot be viewed for free. You must have a Funimation subscription in order to view all past seasons. However, there are other websites on the Internet where you can watch for free.


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