Jessica Amlee Net Worth 2022: What is Her Key Source of Fame and Her Age?

Jessica Amlee is a film and television actress. She is best recognized for her role as Mallory in the television show Heartland.

Her net worth exceeds $15 million. She is most known for her roles in the horror films The Beneath and Greenhouse Academy, both of which are available on Netflix.

Jessica has since played Jackie Sander at the Greenhouse Academy. Her Instagram feed reveals that she and her mother have a good relationship and get along well.

Jessica is a big fan of the HBO show Game of Thrones, especially Arya Starks.

Jessica Amlee Early life

Jessica was born in Maple Bridge, British Columbia, Canada on July 17, 1994. Her parents were both raised in Vancouver. Jessica and her brother grew up together.

Jessica Amlee Net Worth 2022

Jessica Amlee excelled in school and graduated from ‘Kanaka Creek Elementary School’ in British Columbia, Canada. She sought a career as a kid performer in the entertainment industry after finishing her basic education.

Jessica Amlee’s further education qualification is unknown. As she pursued her dream of becoming a commercial-stage actor.

Jessica’s Career in Film and Television

A childhood dream and passion for Jessica was acting. Her perseverance and great acting abilities allowed her to portray Annie Owen on the Canadian/American television series Mysterious Ways in 2001.

Jessica Amlee was named the best TV actress after appearing in three different television shows in the same year. The actress was shown the photo because she had been in a few television shows before 2002.

Her first movie was the otherworldly horror thriller “They.” Young Julia was portrayed by Canadian actors Jessica and Laura Regan, under the direction of American film and television director Robert Harmon.

Jessica Amlee Net Worth 2022

She also performs voice-overs. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, a computer-animated movie from 2005, included her voice. The animated movie was the work of Greg Richardson.

What is Jessica Amlee’s Net Worth?

According to scoopearth, Jessica Amlee has a net worth of more than $15 million as of mid-2022, earned through a successful acting career.

She has appeared in films, television programs, advertising, and endorsements throughout her career; as she continues her endeavors, her money is expected to grow.

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Dimensions and Organization of the Human Body

Some well-known people are known for both their appearance and their accomplishments. Celebrities with bodies similar to their own pique public attention.

They want to be like them. We’ll talk about Jessica Amlee’s physical makeup in this section. Jessica Amlee is 45 kg and 1.60 meters tall (99 lbs).

Jessica Amlee Net Worth 2022

We have provided the most recent value even if the weight may have changed. She has golden hair and dark brown eyes.

Jessica Amlee’s Diet Plan

Anyone who wants to lose weight without suffering or straining oneself should follow this diet. Jessica Amlee needs to keep up her physical shape because she has several obligations.

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She therefore came up with a basic diet that consisted of nutritious foods and drinks. Amlee started taking care of herself and eating well. She reduced her intake of drink and fast food.

Who is Jessica Amlee’s Husband?

The marriage of Mallory and Anderson is portrayed by Jake Church in the ninth season of Heartland. Since the first season of the show, Jake Anderson has been seeking to get Mallory’s attention.

What is Jessica Amlee’s Age?

Television actress Jessica Amlee is well-known. Jessica Amlee was born on July 17, 1994. Where Jessica Amlee gets her money and riches from The information below has been updated to reflect Jessica Amlee’s current salary, source of income, and net worth. In the section below, determine her income and net worth.

Jessica Amlee Net Worth 2022

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Jessica Amlee’s main source of income is acting. Jessica Amlee is estimated to be worth $15 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jessica Amlee’s Key Source of Fame?

Television actress Jessica Amlee is well-known. She was born on July 17, 1994. She currently resides in Canada. He and Chris Potter both played Mallory in the Heartland television series. In the 2003 movie My Life Without Me, she plays Penny.

What is Jessica Amlee’s Height?

Jessica Amlee is 45 kg and 1.60 meters tall (99 lbs). We have provided the most recent value even if the weight may have changed. She has golden hair and dark brown eyes.

Is Jessica Amlee Losing Weight?

Jessica Amlee has been trying to lose weight for a while, but she has just recently found a diet that actually works for her. Hollywood’s most successful actors include Jessica Amlee.


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