Dongalunnaru Jagratha Release Date: Who Composed the Music of This Film?

The recently released film “Dongalunnaru Jagratha,” starring MM Keeravaani’s younger son Simha Koduri, will get its digital premiere on the popular OTT platform “Netflix.”

The film was released on September 23, 2022. It was inspired by the concept of a survival thriller. However, it has not performed well at the box office and has received a negative response from the general audience.

Dongalunnaru Jagratha Release Date

According to some sources, The first film directed by Satish Tripura, Dongalunnaru Jagratha, is soon to be released on the OTT platform. Simha Koduri, the younger son of renowned music director MM Keeravaani, plays the lead role.

Dongalunnaru Jagratha Release Date

On September 23, 2022, the film was released in theaters, however it did not perform well. The film is marketed as a survival thriller, and Samuthirakani has a significant part to play.

Dongalunnaru Jagratha failed to do well with audiences and failed to draw in a sufficient number of viewers despite extensive advertising. The film’s producers opted to release it on digital screens as a result.

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Review of Dongalunnaru Jagratha

Making strange films like Mathu Vadalara and Thellavarithe Guruvaram has made Sri Simha Koduri famous. He has performed as an original character once more.

When I played Raju, I would want the audience to react to his first attempts to exit the car and how he feels about it. The real plot begins to shift when the doctor enters and begins speaking over a call on the car sound.

The movie’s length of one hour and thirty minutes is a good effort on the part of its creators. Preethi Asrani gave Neeraj the finest performance she could, while Samuthirakani, who plays the doctor, stands out on film and in voice.

Srikanth Iyengar plays a minor role in the film as a police officer. Satish Tripura, the director, did a superb job of evoking emotions from within the cramped confines of the automobile.

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It begins to sound too familiar at the conclusion, so it could have been better. Music by Kaala Bhairava, cinematography by Yeshwanth C, art direction by Gandhi Nadikudikar, and editing by Garry B all contributed to the success of the story.

Dongalunnaru Jagratha, an Argentine-Spanish crime thriller, is an intriguing entry into the survival mystery subgenre.

It was inspired by the film 44. The Satish Tripura-directed movie starring Sri Simha Koduri, Samuthirakani, Srikanth Iyengar, and Preethi Asrani provokes thought.

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Dongalunnaru Jagratha Cast

What is the Plot of Dongalunnaru Jagratha Film?

Raju (Sri Simha Koduri) is a mechanic by day and a burglar by night. He is married to Neeraja (Preethi Asrani). He keeps this information from her.

When the soon-to-be father steals into a black SUV to steal stereos and other valuables, he gets into tremendous difficulty. Chakravarthi (Samuthirakani), the doctor and owner of the custom-built automobile, disguises it as a trap.

Dongalunnaru Jagratha Release Date

After all of Raju’s attempted escape attempts, the doctor contacts him and begins to physically and mentally abuse him. Why did the doctor set him up? Is Raju still alive?

Dongalunnaru Jagratha Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Plays the Main Roles in the Dongalunnaru Jagratha Movie?

Sri Simha, Preeti Asrani, Samuthirakani, and Srikanth Iyengar play the lead roles in the film Dongalunnaru Jagratha.

Who Directed the Dongalunnaru Jagratha Movie?

Dongalunnaru Jagratha’s movie is directed by Satish Tripura.

Who Composed the Music for the Dongalunnaru Jagratha Film?

The Dongalunnaru Jagratha film’s music director is Kaala Bhairava.

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