Desi Serial Cc: What is Desi Serials? Traffic Analytics & Market Share!

Desi-serials. cc is a blog that focuses on analyzing traffic data and market share for various websites in the Pakistani language domain. The blog provides traffic analytics and other relevant information to help website owners & marketers understand how their sites are performing and where they can improve their marketing efforts.

The blog has a monthly readership of over 10,000 people, with an estimated annual revenue of $50,000. The site was founded in 2010 by Sharif Ahmed, who continues to operate it as a full-time business. Traffic Analytics & Market Share

Who has the most traffic on This is a question that intrigues website owners and managers alike. After all, who wants to be at the bottom of the list? Thankfully, there’s an easy way to find out – simply use Google Analytics! In this blog post, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use Google Analytics to measure your website’s traffic and market share

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What are Desi Serials?

Desi Serials is a blog that discusses serials, or TV shows, aired on Indian television channels. The blog publishes detailed traffic analytics and market share information for various Indian TV show genres. This information is invaluable to TV producers, networks, and advertisers looking to target specific Indian audiences.

In recent years, the Indian television industry has seen explosive growth. Desi Serials is a key player in this market, providing detailed traffic analytics and market share information for various Indian TV show genres.

The blog’s traffic comes from both desktop and mobile users, with the majority of visitors coming from India. The blog offers valuable insights into the viewing habits of Indians, allowing producers and advertisers to target specific Indian audiences with precision.

Traffic Analysis is a content website with a focus on Indian serials. The site was launched in 2009 and has since established itself as one of the leading sources of Indian serial content online. In terms of traffic, is one of the most popular Indian content websites, with over 60 million monthly visits.

The site’s main source of traffic is from India, where it has a majority share of the market. However, the site also enjoys significant international traffic, with over 10% of its monthly visits coming from outside of India. The majority of this international traffic comes from the United States (35%), followed by Canada (16%) and the United Kingdom (10%).’s main revenue streams are advertising and subscription services. The site generates around 85% of its revenue through ads, while subscribers account for around 15%. The site has more than 1 million active subscribers, which accounts for around 10% of its total Monthly Visits.

Overall, is a very successful content website with a strong international presence and heavy reliance on ads to generate revenue.

Market Share

Looking at traffic analytics, it’s clear that is a dominant player in the Indian online video market. In the last month, the site has averaged over 1 million unique visitors per day, which puts it well ahead of its nearest competitor.

According to SimilarWeb, ranks first in India for both website and mobile traffic. It also ranks third for monthly visits and fourth for total visits.

The site’s audience is composed of Indian viewers, with almost two-thirds of its traffic originating from within the country. This indicates that is catering to a local audience who are interested in watching Indian content online.

It’s also worth noting that enjoys strong global viewership too – ranking tenth on the list of worldwide websites by traffic size. This indicates that there’s an international audience interested in Indian content, whether they’re based in India or not.

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