The Top six Leading Cast Members of the Third Season of Love is Blind!

It seems like only yesterday that the second season of the Netflix reality hit with relationship strife and the Twitter conversation began streaming online.

It has only been eight months since the end of Season 2, and it has only been one month since the release of the After the Altar special. The social experiment was brought back for Seasons 2 and 3 at the same time by the streaming service, and the episodes were filmed in order.

This was done to the advantage of viewers who enjoy watching reality television. The following article will provide you with all the information regarding the principal cast of Love Is Blind Season 3.

The Top Five Leading Cast Members of the Third Season of Love is Blind

1. Alexa Alfia

proprietor of an insurance brokerage firm Because she doesn’t put much stock in her appearance, 27-year-old Alexa Alfia quickly becomes a fan favorite in the third season of Love Is Blind.

Alexa has confessed that the celebrity couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is the one that she would most like to model her relationship after.

1. Alexa Alfia

According to her Instagram feed, Alexa may often be seen donning a breathtaking gown and enjoying what seems like a delicious cocktail.

2. Amanda Peterson

Amanda Peterson, a 31-year-old stylist, is on the lookout for a romantic partner. Since Amanda has stated that she is “bad at speaking,” taking part in the Love Is Blind experiment, which is nearly entirely dependent on verbal communication, must be a little bit daunting for her.

Despite her tendency to pick “the wrong guys,” Amanda has high hopes that she will find the person she is meant to be within one of the pods.

3. Andrew

Andrew that “constant hugs” were the key to winning his affection and ultimately his heart. The director of operations and wildlife photographer stir up quite a ruckus among the pods as a result of the candor with which he expresses himself.

And when it comes to romantic partnerships, Andrew looks for a partner who is capable of handling their problems without constantly relying on the support of third parties.

4. Antoinette


Anthony LaScalea, an attorney, decided to participate in Love Is Blind to try “something fresh” and get rid of the many external distractions that frequently come in the way of the dating process.

The 33-year-old man has a strong affinity for chocolate chip cookies and is regularly seen squeezing his adorable pooch in his lap.

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5. Ashley

The proverb “good things come to those who wait” is one that Ashley Randermann holds firmly to her beliefs. The energetic equestrian, who is 29 years old and is from the state of Texas, was quoted as saying, “I have a great heart, and I believe I deserve the same.”

Ashley, who has a master’s degree in neurology, calls herself a “Concierge Chiropractor of Humans and Animals,” and she insists that she won’t “settle” for anybody other than her true love until she finds him or her.

6. Bartie

Bartie, a 27-year-old senior analyst who enjoys humor, is searching for a partner who can “take all of his jokes” and “crack some back” at him. His celebrity relationship role models are Steph and Ayesha Curry, and he believes his single status is due to “pickiness.”

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