Link Click Season 2 Release Date: Where to Watch This Anime Series?

Anime audiences have been attracted to Link Click for a variety of reasons, including its flawless plot. The show’s makers promise that Season 2 of Link Click will disclose both fresh and old secrets.

It is anticipated that the second season will contain the same number of episodes as the first, which consisted of 11 and lasted 23 minutes apiece. So why the delay? Just come along with us.

When Will Link Click Season 2 Be Released?

The Funimation Official Trailer page shared a trailer for Link Click Season 2 on November 21, 2021, with the caption “News: Link Click Season 2 Debuts Preview Trailer for 2022 Release.”

Link Click Season 2

When it is released may be the last remaining question. amazfeed confirms that LINK CLICK Season 2 could premiere in 2022 or the middle of 2023.

Who Will Appear in Season 2 of Link Click?

The creators have not revealed which characters and voice actors will be replaced and which will remain the same. However, we are confident that every character and their voice actors will appear in Link Click Season 2, even if only as a memory.

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And depending on how the Link Click ended, the time will restart where each incident began. If that occurs, we will hear Toshiyuki Toyonaga’s voice as Xiaoshi Cheng and Takahiro Sakurai’s voice as Guang Lu.

Ling Qiao is played by Aoin Koga, Emma is played by Ami Koshimizu, Xia Yu is played by Hitomi Nabatame, and Zhen Lin is played by Megumi Toyoguchi.

Link Click Season 2 Plot

Words, it is said, rarely do a picture justice. It contains an illimitable amount of privileged insights for this situation. Main Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang can uncover these riddles.

The two friends work together in a little store called “Time Photo Studio,” where they provide unusual assistance by jumping into pictures that customers have given them in order to fulfill their requests.

Through the lens of the photographer, they endure the events that surround the image and make an effort to understand how to respond to their client’s request.

Nevertheless, they encounter a unique difficulty each time they bounce into an image. If they made a mistake, they may change the photographer’s destiny… maybe at uncountable numbers of different times as well.

It will therefore need the greatest degree of solidarity to set aside their emotions and focus on completing the task they were paid to do when the situations they are forced to endure in these images become personal.

What is the Anime’s Current Rating?

On MyAnimeList, which has roughly 72,426 members and an average rating of 8.79, Link Click is rated as number 34. The show received an 8.6/10 rating on IMDb based on user comments, 4.3/5 on Letterboxd, a 5/5 audience rating summary, a 5/5 rating on Crunchyroll, and a 96% approval rating on Google.

Link Click Season 2

What Are the Reviews & Recaps of Link Click Season 1?

I felt a variety of things after watching each episode of this captivating series. This series made me scream for the first time and gave me goosebumps worse than a horror movie.

It’s quite nice to use photographs to transport into the scene of the photos. I doubt that I’ve ever encountered a plot like it. I have been on the edge of my seat during every episode because of the great cliffhangers.

I didn’t see the causal loop coming, and I was astonished when it did. This was the conclusion that concerned me. I still think about it frequently.

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Because it deals with the idea of time travel as well as a wealth of emotions and character development, Link Click is another anime with the potential to be regarded as a hidden gem or a masterpiece.

It started out nicely with a straightforward plot about two friends fulfilling a client’s request by looking through images, but as it got closer to the climax, it started to take some unexpected turns and became more of a psychological thriller.

The 11-episode first season of Link Click was thrilling and exciting, and it will have you on the tip of your seat while you impatiently anticipate the release of the sequel.

Finally, the audio for the anime was excellent. The soundtrack was fantastic, with wonderful beats and a great ending song/rap. The figures were both acceptable and trendy, and the animation was well-done.

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The final scene effortlessly combines three different circumstances. Link Click Season 2 is the only thing I need to watch as soon as feasible.

Link Click Season 2

Trailer for Season 2 of Link Click

The trailer was released on 21 November 2021, and the same studios (Haoliners Animation League and Studio LAN) will also animate this season. The bloody graphic shots in the video reveal a severely injured Lu Guang. Will Guang be able to survive and continue to operate the small shop?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Watch Click Link Anime Series?

Funimation provides access to the anime series Link Click. You must purchase a membership to the show in order to watch all past and future episodes. Thanks to the internet, viewers may now enjoy any drama series through many online platforms from anywhere in the world. The online availability of this drama series differs by area; therefore, we must determine if it is accessible in our country.

When Was the Link Click Series First Season Released?

Link Click was initially made available on April 30, 2021.

How Many Link Click Seasons Are There?

Link Click has only had one season thus far.

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