Priyanka Chopra Was Heartbroken by the Suffering in Kenya, if My Child Was Crying From Hunger!

The actor Priyanka Chopra, who just recently returned from a trip to Kenya, has been speaking out about the plight of the children and women in the Ghana region.

Priyanka recently expressed her distress over the incident in an interview, stating that she was “hurt” by it. The actress stated that she couldn’t even begin to fathom what it would be like for her daughter’s mental health if she had to listen to her child ‘cry out of hunger for days and days.’

At the beginning of this year, Priyanka and her husband, the musician Nick Jonas, became parents to their daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas.

They made the announcement in January 2022 that they had become parents to Malti Marie through the process of surrogacy. The married couple, who moved in together in 2018, makes their home in the city of Los Angeles.

Priyanka was asked during an interview with the local news channel NTV whether she intends to visit Kenya again and what lessons she took away from her experience there this time around. Priyanka responded, “Yes, I do hope to, and it is very much my desire to, return.

I really hope that things would turn out better this time. What I’ve realized is that even in the most trying circumstances, people have great resilience, generosity, and warmth.

Priyanka Chopra Was Heartbroken by the Suffering in Kenya, if My Child Was Crying From Hunger!

This is something I’ve learned even through the most trying circumstances. When I went to the Ghana region, one thing that particularly stood out to me was how difficult it was for me, especially as a new mother, to witness the amount of pain that was being endured by so many children.”

She continued, “I cannot even begin to fathom what it would be like for my mental health if my child had to suffer through days and days of hunger cries.

It is clear that there is a great deal of strength in human beings, particularly in females, when one considers the fact that those mothers stayed by their children’s sides for days on end, refusing to eat for the sake of their offspring.

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That is something that will serve as motivation for me when I get back home. It is my sincere desire to visit Kenya once again, this time when conditions are more favorable.”

Recent events saw Priyanka Chopra and Malti Marie embarking on a trip to the Big Apple. She spent time with her kid at a park, went shopping, and relaxed at their hotel while posting a number of images on Instagram and sharing them with her followers.

Priyanka posted a picture of herself holding Malti along with the caption, “Our first trip to the big (apple, heart eyes, and nazar amulet emojis).”

Fans will be able to catch Priyanka in upcoming episodes of Citadel and other foreign ventures like It’s All Coming Back to Me. Citadel, which was produced by the Russo Brothers, will debut on Prime Video’s streaming service.

Alongside Priyanka, Richard Madden will be starring in the forthcoming science fiction drama series, which is being directed by Patrick Morgan. In addition to that, she has the Farhan Akhtar film Jee Le Zaraa, which also stars Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt.

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