The Bad Batch Season 2 Release Date: Where to Watch Season 1 of This Animated Series?

“Star Wars: The Bad Batch” is an animated spinoff of the hit television series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” that debuted on May 4, 2021.

Originally conceptualized by George Lucas and written and developed by Dave Filoni, the series follows a group of “improved” clones who find themselves on the wrong side of the Empire after Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) issues Order 66, the instruction to exterminate the Jedi.

Season 1 of “Bad Batch” follows Clone Force 99, better known as “the Bad Batch,” as they leave the military and become mercenaries for hire, while also adopting a new member: Omega (Michelle Ang), a young clone who shares their DNA.

Also in Season 1, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo (all portrayed by Dee Bradley Baker) come into conflict with their former squadmate Crosshair (also portrayed by Baker), who has chosen to remain loyal to the Empire.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Release Date

The season concluded with the destruction of Tipoca, the capital of the planet Kamino and the headquarters of the Empire’s cloning program. Since then, fans have been eager to learn the fate of Clone Force 99 and the Empire’s transformation into the familiar shape from the original “Star Wars” trilogy.

When Will the Second Season of Bad Batch Be Released?

The second season of “Bad Batch” will debut on January 4, 2023, according to Deadline. During the Disney D23 expo on Saturday, Filoni made the announcement.

Disney has additionally stated that Season 2 will have 16 episodes (via TV Line). It took longer than anticipated by a few months. Season 2 of “Bad Batch” was originally scheduled to premiere in “Autumn 2023,” according to the looper.

Even if the delay is frustrating, at least we now have a concrete premiere date. In addition, two other “Star Wars” TV shows will debut between now and January 2023.

On September 21, the live-action Diego Luna film “Andor” will release its first season, while on October 26, “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” will debut its first season.

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The latter is an animated anthology series that chronicles tales about the Jedi’s beginnings, starting with Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku (Rosario Dawson) (Corey Burton). In February 2023, “The Mandalorian” will make a triumphant return (via IndieWire).

The Bad Batch Season 2 Plot

We have a very decent notion of the show’s direction from the trailer. The members of the Bad Batch will have to look for a new homeworld since theirs has been destroyed.

They will require “all the allies they can get,” in Hunter’s words, as they continue to flee the Empire. As usual, there will undoubtedly be a lot of heists and smuggling missions.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Release Date

The plot of Crosshair will play a significant role in Season 2. He thought about leaving the Empire at the end of Season 1 and returning to his former allies, but he finally chose to remain Imperial.

Crosshair, though, still appears to be torn, and the season’s “will he or won’t he” drama is likely to continue. Season 2 may potentially investigate some potential side stories.

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In order to pursue a strange new cloning program, Kaminoan geneticist Nala Se (Gwendoline Yeo) is transferred to another Imperial facility at the conclusion of Season 1.

Is there a new, top-secret clone trooper project in the works, or is there something else entirely? Above all, the program will continue to focus on what it has always done best: a bunch of cloned ex-soldiers attempting to survive in an unfamiliar new environment.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Cast

  • The Bad Batch is played by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Omega is played by Michelle Ang.
  • AZI is played by Ben Diskin.
  • Lama Su is played by Bob Bergen.
  • Nala Se is played by Gwendoline Yeo.
  • Vice Admiral Rampart, Noshir Dalal
  • ES-04 is Dahéli Hall.
  • Cid is played by Rhea Perlman.
  • Bolo is played by Liam O’Brien.
  • Ketch is played by Sam Riegel.
  • Tina Huang is cast as ES-02.

Where to Watch Season 1 of Bad Batch Series?

First, the Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 and immediately began cranking out chapters in the “Star Wars” movie canon, followed by big-screen spinoffs (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) and then television adaptations.

In 2019, Disney+ debuted as a repository for Disney-branded and -owned properties as well as an exclusive source for new content, such as cinematic-quality “Star Wars” television series.

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Multi-episode formats allow show runners to take their time exploring both new and established characters and worlds. In addition to live-action series such as “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett,” the future animation series “The Bad Batch” premiered in the summer of 2021, with new episodes airing weekly.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Release Date

In August 2021, when The Bad Batch Season 1 concludes its initial run of 13 episodes, the entire narrative will be available for binge-watching. By navigating their TVs, computers, or streaming devices to Disney+, where every episode of “The Bad Batch” from the past and future exists, viewers can prepare for the release of the new season shortly after the 2023 calendar change.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer

The Bad Batch Season 2 teaser made its debut during the Star Wars Celebration in May 2022. The trailer’s footage was sufficient to convey the type of narrative we may anticipate for the second season. Numerous short films were produced to advertise the follow-up. Be sure to watch them as well! Official trailer here:

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