Who is Aaron Rodger’s New Girlfriend in 2022?

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley began dating in 2020, got engaged, and divorced in 2022. Following their split, the Green Bay Packers quarterback began dating Blu of Earth.

And she just did something that Rodgers’ ex-fiancee strongly opposes, leading many to believe that the Divergent star’s recent comments are directed at Blu.

Who is Aaron Rodger’s New Girlfriend?

His new girlfriend of Rodgers has changed her name from Charlotte Brereton to Blu. She is an artist, a healer, and the host of the podcast Deja Blu.

Less than two months after the NFL quarterback and Woodley broke up, rumors of a romantic relationship arose. Rodgers reportedly attempted to reconcile with the Big Little Lies star on multiple occasions, but they ultimately parted ways, which is when the quarterback and Blu are believed to have crossed paths.

The first photograph of them together surfaced in June 2022, and the following month, many interpreted Rodgers’ matching tattoo to Blu’s as evidence of their relationship.

Who is Aaron Rodger's New Girlfriend?

Rodgers and Blu Have Kept Their Relationship Mostly Private

Rodgers hasn’t spoken publicly about his relationship with Blu, and they haven’t been seen together in public since June. After discussing his ayahuasca journey on the Aubrey Marcus’ podcast in August, Blu only had a few words about the athlete’s “courage” to “speak the truth.”

Aaron Rodger has previously stated that he dislikes dating in public, saying, “It’s definitely… It’s challenging. It has some additional constraints because you have other perspectives on your relationship, how it affects your work, and just some inappropriate connections.”

He lived out relationships in the public eye with Olivia Munn, Danica Patrick, and Shailene Woodley. So it’s not surprising that he’s keeping his love life private right now.

The Remarks Made by Shailene Woodley Seem to Be Directed at Blu

After Blu did something that offended the actor on October 10, Woodley allegedly said something to her. According to a source who spoke to Sideaction, Shailene has long supported Native American culture.

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So when “Blu, who may or may not identify as a witch, took time over the weekend to get her dreads done, complete with feathers, she didn’t take it too kindly. Blu was seen having a good time at Burning Man while sporting a Native American headdress.

On Indigenous Peoples Day, Woodley said during an Instagram Live interview with Dee Jay, “People constantly appropriate Native culture without having any knowledge, education, or awareness! A fundamental understanding of Native Americans or Native Americans in general.

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