When Will Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 Be Release? Latest Update!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 will be published in the upcoming issue of the weekly shōnen jump magazine, and it will be an exciting chapter as the pressure to protect the database increases.

Sakamoto Days is a highly action-oriented comedy series, much like the majority of shōnen jump magazines, and it is only a matter of time before the anime series is officially announced. According to Internet leaks, the production of the series is underway, and the announcement could be made any day now.

But, while the anime is in production, the new chapters of the series get even more intense as the task of protecting the database becomes more difficult with fighting Natsuki, who has been brainwashed by Club Jam, the infiltrator, and the other member of the Slur’s organization with Kanaguri.

This has made fans very excited about the upcoming chapter of the series, and they are constantly searching for Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 online.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 Release Date

In this article, we will discuss Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 in depth. What will occur in Chapter 94 of Sakamoto Days? Since no spoilers have been released for the chapter in question, we can only speculate about it.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 Release Date

We will have all the other weekly shōnen jump manga, including Sakamoto Days with Chapter 94, My Hero Academia with Chapter 372, Black Clover with Chapter 343, and Hunter X Hunter with Chapter 393 in the upcoming issue of the weekly shōnen jump magazine.

So, on Sunday, November 6, 2022, will be Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 release, according to otakukart. The next chapter will feature exciting events and characters who will go above and beyond to accomplish their objectives.

Unless a break is announced by the author or the magazine itself, the new chapters of Sakamoto Days and all other weekly shōnen jump manga are expected to appear in the new issues of the magazine that come out every Sunday.

Raw Scans and Spoilers for Sakamoto Days Chapter 94

Natsuki and Club Jam are having a conversation in Sakamoto Days Chapter 93, where the former claims to know where the database is and hands out a fake chip.

Club Jam, on the other hand, quickly breaks it and informs him that if he does not act, he will kill him. Natsuki successfully leads Club Jam to the research facility and tricks him into falling into his trap.

Club Jam escapes Natuski’s clutches once more and appears behind him. The former quickly knocks the latter down and steps on his fingers. While Natsuki is screaming in pain, Club Jam brainwashes him and convinces him to side with him.

Meanwhile, Shin, Amane, and his grandfather, the database, are fleeing the brainwashed students and run into Natsuki, who attacks Shin immediately.

Club Jam discovers Amane’s grandfather is the database. Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 will most likely continue with the current events, in which Shin and Amane must defeat Club Jam alongside the hordes of Brainwashed students and Natsuki.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 Release Date

The fight between Sakamoto and Kanguri, on the other hand, is taking place on a different side, and the upcoming chapter may highlight something about it.

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The raw scans and spoilers for Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 are not yet available. They are usually available within a few hours of the chapter being released.

If they are released early, we will either update this section or create a new article. Meanwhile, the release date for Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 are listed below.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 94 Trailer

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