When Will Hit Monkey Season 2 Be Release? Where to Watch?

Hit-Monkey is a TV show from the United States. It is full of action and exciting things to do. Hit-Monkey has gotten good reviews from people who watch it.

IMDb gave the TV show Hit-Monkey an 8 out of 10. In the TV show Hit-Monkey, there is a story about a Japanese snow monkey who was wronged.

The ghost of an American assassin takes him under his wing because he is so good at killing people in the Tokyo underworld. Josh Gordon and Will Speck made the TV show Hit-Monkey.

Fred Tatasciore, Olivia Munn, and Jason Sudeikis all play roles in it. Let’s find out everything we can about the second season of Hit-Monkey.

Hit-Monkey Season 2: Announced or Not?

Season 2 of Hit-Monkey has not yet been announced. It appears that it will be announced soon. The reason for this is that the first season of Hit-Monkey has received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Release Date

We anticipate that if the second season of Hit-Monkey is announced, it will also receive a positive audience response. Let’s observe what occurs next.

If we receive any additional news or updates regarding Hit-second Monkey’s season, we will include them here. Ensure that you visit this website frequently.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Prime?

The official release date for Season 2 of Hit-Monkey has not yet been announced. The confirmation of the second season of the series Hit-Monkey suggests that it will soon be announced.

According to thebulletintime, the second season of Hit-Monkey will premiere on Hulu in late 2022. Hit-Monkey may be renewed for a second season by Hulu in the near future.

The premiere of the first season of Hit-Monkey premiered on Hulu on November 17, 2021. If we receive any new information regarding the release date of Hit-second Monkey’s season, we will include it here.

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Hit Monkey Season 2 Plot

The first season begins with Bryce arriving in Tokyo to assassinate a Prime Minister candidate. Bryce is injured at work and is taken to the mountains by the monkey tribe for treatment.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Release Date

However, Bryce’s enemies track him down and assassinate him and the rest of the tribe, except Monkey, who escapes the disaster. Following that, Bryce’s spirit begins to visit Monkey, instructing him to exact vengeance on those who have mistreated him.

As Hit-Monkey continues his rampage, he encounters Lady Bullseye, who takes things to a whole new level. However, Hit-Monkey attempts to finish what he started with the help of Bryce.

If the program is revived, the second season will centre on Lady Bullseye. Because Hit-ego Monkey is bruised, we can expect the super villain to unleash her full power in the following season.

The producers acknowledged in the November 2021 interview that if the show were renewed for a second season, there would be more to explore in Bullseye’s character.

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However, we can expect Bryce to continue training Hit-Monkey, who will be able to understand the nuances of the criminal syndicates even better.

If the producers stick to the themes of the original comics, we might see Hit-Monkey dispatch the assassins in a big way in a future season 2.

Hit-Monkey Season 2 Cast

See the Hit-Monkey Season 2 cast list below.

  • Monkey Hit is played by Fred Tatasciore.
  • Bryce is played by Jason Sudeikis.
  • Akiko is played by Olivia Munn.
  • Shinji Yokohama is played by George Takei.
  • Haruka is played by Ally Maki.
  • Ito is played by Nobi Nakanishi.
  • Ryoshin is played by Keisuke Hoashi.
  • Fat Cobra is played by Noshir Dalal.
  • General Kato is played by Ejiro Ozaki.
  • Jeanne Sakata in the role of Fish Lady

Review of Hit-Monkey Season 1

Critics gave Hit-Monkey Season 1 favorable reviews. At the conclusion of the first season of the television show Hit-Monkey, we saw that Bryce used salt to make himself somewhat tangible and then distracted Lady Bullseye so that Haruka could kill her.

On the other hand, Yokohama escapes to the roof with Akiko and regrettably admits to being responsible for Takahara’s death. He also expresses his frustration over his continued electoral defeat and accepts the Bonsai Master’s offer of support.

After that, Hit-Monkey arrives with the intention of killing Yokohama, but Bryce decides to reason with him and lets him ascend. He grabs Haruka’s gun when she goes to arrest Yokohama, forcing Hit-Monkey to shoot him and kill Akiko in the process.

Later, after promising to clear his name, Haruka smuggles Hit-Monkey out of Japan. Following that, Bryce returns from Hell with the ability to interact with objects after striking a deal with Mephisto because he couldn’t bear to leave Hit-Monkey alone.

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Akiko takes Lady Bulleye’s mask and swears vengeance on Hit-Monkey while in the morgue. Watch the progression of events. It appears that the second season of the television show Hit-Monkey will pick up where the first season left off rather than with a brand-new beginning.

If there are any updates to the plot of Hit-second Monkey’s season, we will post them here.

Where to Watch Season 2 of Hit Monkey Series?

You can watch it on either Hulu or YouTube. Like all popular shows, Hit-Monkey is similar to other shows that you may have thought of while watching the first season. Some of the similar shows on Hulu are Loki, Archer, Wanda Vision, What If, and Agent Carter.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Release Date

Hit-Monkey Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer for Hit-Monkey Season 2 has yet to be released. After the announcement of the second season of the series Hit-Monkey, it appears that it will be released soon. Find the official trailer of the first season of the series Hit-Monkey. Hulu released it on October 18, 2021. Let’s take a look.

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