The Golden Spoon Episode 14 Release Date: Who Plays the Main Characters?

The release date for The Golden Spoon Episode 14 has been announced, and we intend to reveal everything we currently know about it. But before we reveal the release date for the highly anticipated The Golden Spoon Episode 14 and the streaming information for The Golden Spoon Episode 14, here is a primer on the premise of the show.

Lee Seung-Cheon is the protagonist of The Golden Spoon. He was born into a poor family. He discovers a miraculous spoon that enables him to swap lives with his wealthy best friend, but only has three opportunities to change his mind.

The next step is for him to choose which of his two potential futures to pursue. In exchange for his life, he receives the golden spoon. The concept of Lee Seung-Cheon receiving a magical spoon that allows him to switch identities with his wealthy best friend appeared to appeal to the audience.

Nonetheless, Lee Seung-Cheon did not find it particularly noteworthy. Seung-Cheon must choose between his two possible futures because he has only three opportunities to change his mind.

The Golden Spoon Episode 14 Release Date

The release date for The Golden Spoon Episode 14 is November 12, 2022, according to otakukart. MBC will broadcast The Golden Spoon Episode 14 at 10 p.m. KST. Fans outside of Korea can watch The Golden Spoon Episode 14 at the following times:

The Golden Spoon Episode 14 Release Date

  • 8 pm IST
  • 9 am EST
  • 1:00 AEDT (November 13, 2022)

About The Golden Spoon

As Seung-Cheon and Ju-hee resumed their friendship, we witnessed Jun’s imprisonment. When Yong delivers to the Hwangs’ home the following day, he is prepared to put the golden spoon to the test.

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Seung-Cheon once more won the admiration of the shareholders, who also thanked Hyun-so for her assistance with the Jun case. Yeo-jin learns from a different source that when her father visited a shaman, he was informed that his child had unexpectedly passed away more than ten years prior.

But as President Oh disperses his talisman, he unintentionally discovers images of Jeong Nara’s father. Soon after, Yeo-jin shows up, acts normally, and then leaves the area where the images are located to find out what they’re used for.

When Seung-Cheon first sees him, Tae-Yong subtly warns him about the danger the gold spoon poses. Hyun’s assistant describes how her boss chooses the gifts based on what the recipient wants but doesn’t have a system in place to make sure he always gets it right.

Seung-Cheon instructs the housekeeper to watch out for Tae-Yong eating at their home before departing. But messy Young-sin does that and extends a dinner invitation to Tae-Yong.

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He is still eating when he gets to the Hwang home, and he quickly finishes it before leaving. Before leaving, Seung-Cheon makes the decision to ask Tae out to dinner.

Ju-hee learns that the bag’s owner has been located. When he rushed over to check for the bag, it was not there. The woman repeatedly claims to be the district councillor of Gangnam, whose servant had taken her life with a golden spoon, when she is questioned about it.

When Ju-hee is reminded of Tae’s remarks to Seung-Cheon, she is astounded by everything and queries what the “golden spoon” is. Seung-Cheon learns that Yong hosted her for lunch and makes an unsuccessful attempt to get in touch with him.

The Golden Spoon Episode 14 Release Date

He experiences a wave of nostalgia when he enters the Lee family’s home and is given his favourite dumpling stew by his mother. Yong and Seung-Cheon are dining together.

While warning him about the drawbacks of the change, the former keeps nagging the latter to eat. He regrets trading Tae-spoon Yong’s for a copy, but he also feels joy.

Seung-Cheon is surprised when Tae-Yong, who was about to eat for the third time, pauses and declines to go for the swap. Seung tries to stop Tae-Yong, who slaps him and declares that he wouldn’t trade his parents for anything. Seung is shocked to learn this after getting wasted in a bar.

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President Oh has learned something unexpected, and Jun-tae warns his friends of the impending storm. It is revealed that Seung-Cheon and Tae share the same birthday in the current episode after Seung learns that Tae had dinner at his house and is shocked by the circumstances that made them exchange on their birthdays.

Tae-Yong is outside when Hyun-do arrives, but he doesn’t act normally because the switchover hasn’t happened yet. Cheon is startled by this and begins to wonder if the rule might not be applicable when he starts to recognize him as Lee Seung-Cheon.

Where to Watch the Golden Spoon Episode 14 Online?

The first season of the Korean drama The Golden Spoon will air on MBC at the above-mentioned date and time for Korean viewers. However, viewers outside of South Korea can also watch this series on Disney+. Before subscribing to a streaming service, you should always ensure that the content is available in your region.

Who Plays the Main Characters in the Golden Spoon?

  • Lee Seung-cheon is played by Yook Sung-jae.
  • Na Joo-hee is played by Jung Chae-yeon.
  • Oh Yeo-jin is played by Yeonwoo.
  • Hwang Tae-yong is played by Lee Jong-won.

Trailer of The Golden Spoon

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