Black Clover Chapter 343: What is Ryuya May Possess a Latent Power?

Black Clover chapter 343 spoilers and raw scans came out earlier in the week, and fan-made scanlations of the chapter came out early on November 4 morning.

With these unofficial leaks, fans thought that the upcoming issue with Ichika vs. Asta would be the most interesting part. Fans don’t see a clear end to the fight, though, because Ryudo Ryuya steps in at the end of Black Clover chapter 343 before a winner is decided for sure.

In the process, he seems to have shown a lot more strength than fans thought he could, which has made them talk about his strength. However, fans may be missing a small detail about one of Asta’s weapons that changes the conversation in a big way.

Follow along as this article explains how Black Clover chapter 343 may have shown Ryuya to have a hidden strength that gives him a lot of power, based on what fans say they saw in the issue.

Black Clover chapter 343 spoilers showed Ichika and Asta fighting each other seriously, with both of them seeming to be good matches for each other.

As the fight went on, it seemed like Ichika was getting the upper hand because Asta couldn’t hit her hard enough. This went on for most of the fight, and Asta thought that his Zetten could help him win.

Black Clover chapter 343

As Asta and Ichika rush toward their final fight, he tries to kill his Zetten as he thinks to himself that he may have found the best way to do it. But before a winner is officially chosen, Ryudo Ryuya stops the two from fighting by blocking each sword with one arm.

In Black Clover chapter 343, he stops the two in what seems to be one of their most powerful forms. This has got a lot of attention from fans.

So, many fans have started to think that even though Ryuya can’t use yoryoku, he must have some other almighty power besides his Clairvoyance that allows him to do such a thing.

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This is likely to become clear in the near future when Paladin Sister Lily and two other Paladins arrive in Hino Country, but at the time this article was written, it was still just a theory.

Also, this particular theory might be wrong because some fans seem to be forgetting an important fact. During the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, Asta says that the Demon-Slasher Sword, which was made from Captain Yami’s old katana, can only cut the person it is meant for and can’t hurt anyone else.

Black Clover chapter 343

In other words, the sword can only cut what it wants to cut, no matter what else is in its way. Since Asta used the sword when he fought Ichika and probably didn’t want to cut Ryuya, this explains why Demon-Slasher was so easy to stop.

But this doesn’t quite explain how Ryuya was able to stop Ichika’s attack so easily, especially considering how strong she was and how hard she was fighting.

One possible explanation is that Ichika is a skilled enough swordswoman to have stopped herself at the last second, preventing Ryuya from taking any major damage. But this is also a guess, which makes it harder to figure out what’s going on based on Black Clover chapter 343.

In any case, fans will almost certainly find out the answer to this mystery soon, especially since Black Clover chapter 343 shows that danger is just around the corner.

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