The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Release Date is Not Confirmed, Latest Update!

The Curse of Oak Island is a reality television series with multiple seasons. After a few seasons, the audience came to believe that the Lagina brothers’ continued research would inevitably yield fruitful results.

At the conclusion of each season, the Laginas believed that they were closer to solving the Oak Island mystery. The previous season concluded with the team discovering many more mysteries on Oak Island, but their primary objective of locating the Real treasure was not met.

Season 10 of “The Curse of Oak Island” has undoubtedly piqued your interest. We have compiled all the information you are interested in discovering about The Curse of Oak Island.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Release Date

The creators have not announced a release date for The Curse of Oak Island Season 10. If the viewers’ excitement is taken into account, the network will undoubtedly accept the tenth season, which Creators will most likely announce in the coming months.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Release Date

The production timetable set by the producers, the speed of the excavation team’s research, and the availability of the cast and crew all influence how quickly we can watch it.

If everything goes according to plan, the tenth season of “The Curse of Oak Island” will premiere in the first quarter of 2023, according to amazfeed.

About The Curse of Oak Island Season 10

To live out a childhood fantasy, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina set out to search for treasure on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Along with relatives, local explorers, and historical authorities, they explore the island’s geography and folklore. Due to its numerous caves and sinkholes, Oak Island lends itself to a variety of mysteries, including those involving pirates, the Knights Templar, hidden treasure, booby traps, and a death curse.

What exactly is the situation’s mystery? For more than 200 years, people have tried to learn the secrets of this island, but every effort has failed and some have even died.

This documentary series follows the Lagina brothers as they look for a solution amidst the wreckage of the land, the sea, and folklore.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Cast

There has been no confirmation of the upcoming season of The Curse Of Oak Island as yet. However, predicting the cast of the second chapter before any official updates is premature.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Release Date

However, if the series continues in the same vein, we can certainly expect some of the previous seasons to make an appearance in the upcoming season. Furthermore, we can anticipate the arrival of some new faces.

The following are the cast members:

  • Rick Lagina
  • Marty Lagina
  • Dan Blankenship (seasons 1–6)
  • Dave Blankenship
  • Jack Begley
  • Alex Lagina
  • Dan Henskee
  • Charles Barkhouse
  • Peter Fornetti
  • David Fornetti
  • William Castedo

What to Expect From Season 10 of the Curse of Oak Island?

Season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island will investigate further a number of additional plausible theories regarding the recovered artefacts. The Lagina brothers discovered gold and other rare earth metals on the island in Season 9.

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One of the rarest metals, osmium, was hypothesized to be present in the Oak Island marsh. Intriguingly, their suspicions were confirmed when they discovered gold and evidence of other artefacts in the vicinity of the Money Pit.

The group overcame obstacles and discovered additional gold and evidence of Spanish heritage. They didn’t realize that Zena Halpern’s map was inaccurate until they were on the verge of solving the island’s 226-year-old mystery and disproving the Knights Templar hoax.

Season 10 will likely pick up where season 9 left off, delving deeper into the mystery surrounding the origins, existence, and destruction of the treasure of the Knights Templar.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Release Date

It will also lead to an important conclusion regarding the success or failure of the Lagina brothers’ quest. In addition, as the research continues, the scope of future excavation work on and off the island may become more apparent.

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Where to Watch the Curse of Oak Island Season 10?

On History TV Plus, The Essex Serpent is now available to stream. After a 7-day free trial, a subscription to History TV costs $4.99 per month in the United States and is available on most major streaming services.

 The Curse of Oak Island Ratings and Reviews


I can reassure you that the series is pretty good if you haven’t watched it before and are unsure of its calibre. The show has a respectable Rottentomatoes audience score of 68% and an IMDb score of 6.8/10. I would definitely recommend this show. Check out what reviewers before you had to say about it if you’re still unsure about seeing it.


The producers of this show are taking their time to conduct their dig properly, which is a strategy for which I have nothing but the highest praise. Despite the fact that there are many potential payoffs, the show is fascinating but frustratingly slow.

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They need to get rid of the narrator because they repeat everything fifty times and make you feel like a young child with memory problems. I hope they find anything interesting.

Trailer of The Curse of Oak Island Season 10

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmed return, so there will be no new trailer. As far as we know, filming hasn’t even begun, and it appears that it will take some time. But keep an eye on this space because we promise to keep you updated as soon as we learn anything.

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