We’re Here Season 3 Release Date: Where Can I Watch This Series?

We’re Here is an American reality show on HBO that features Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara, and Shangela, who all used to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In the modern world, the LQBTQ community is no longer required to live in hiding. More individuals embrace them and acknowledge that they are distinct from the rest.

Coming out as LQBTQ could be a difficult decision because you cannot predict how your family and friends will react. What if they hold homophobic views?

We’re Here is a reality television programme that encourages those who believe they should remain closeted forever to accept themselves. It teaches them self-love and how to live without fear with their loved ones, regardless of their sexual orientation.

We’re Here Season 3 Release Date

Since its premiere, the series has received numerous accolades, and we can only hope that this is just the beginning of one of the most successful reality television series.

We’re Here Season 3 Release Date

We do not currently have an official release date for We’re Here on HBO. The premiere of the first season occurred between April 23 and June 4, 2020.

A year later, the second season debuted between October 11 and November 29 of 2022. The series was renewed for a third season on December 16, 2019, but it may be some time before we see the third season of the reality television show.

The first season has six episodes and the second season has eight; therefore, the third season could have fewer episodes, the same number of episodes, or more episodes.

Considering the release dates of the previous season’s 2, we anticipate the third season to premiere in late 2022, according to besttoppers.

We’re Here Season 3 Plot

The three drag queens are on a mission to recruit members of the community for their drag shows while also spreading love and positivity in America.

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Each episode of this series focuses on the three queens and their determination to encourage drag kids to accept and be themselves in front of their families and friends.

They work with people who are struggling with their self-identity and encourage their drag kids to be themselves without apology. Shangela, Eureka, and Bob amaze the audience with their performance while preaching the gospel of self-acceptance to anyone who will listen.

We’re Here Season 3 Cast: Who Will Appear in the Upcoming Season?

According to Deadline, the sassy trio will return for the third season of the reality show. Bob The Drag Queen, also known as Caldwell Tidicue, appears in the series.

The actress, activist, and songwriter is best known for her victory on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The third season of the show will star David Huggard, better known as Eureka O’Hara.

The drag queen is well-known for her role in All-Stars. Shangela, also known as Jeremy Pierce, will be the Duo’s third member. Because the reality show is all about raising awareness, we can expect to see some new faces in the upcoming season.

Social Media Reactions to We’re Here Season 3

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of a trailer by the show’s creators in order to gain a better understanding of the upcoming season. According to information about the latest season’s plot, our drag queens are attempting to spread the message that drag can heal all over the world.

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When fans learned that the show had been renewed for a third season, their excitement skyrocketed. Critics and fans alike are hoping that projects like this will inspire them to keep fighting their battles and not give up.


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The previous seasons’ immense popularity and fame have set a high standard for the upcoming season three. The news of the show’s renewal and the return of our favourite trio (Drag Queens) has caused quite a stir on the internet.

To celebrate tonight’s premiere of #WereHere — starring @itsSHANGELA, @thatonequeen, and @eurekaohara as they make over small-town America — I’m giving out drag queen names!, according to HBO’s official Twitter account @HBO.

If you respond with your hometown, I’ll tell you what your drag name is. New images and short clips from Season 3 have been shared on various social media platforms.

It has piqued the interest of the audience and has left fans wanting more. They are eagerly awaiting the release of the show’s official trailer in order to see the new amazing costumes, makeovers, High-hills, wigs, and much more.

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Where Can I Watch Season 3 of We’re Here Series?

The third season of We’re Here will be available for streaming on HBO Max on November 25, 2022. On HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, the audience can also view the first and second seasons of the show.

Is We’re Here Season 3 Episode Guide Out?

The producers of We Here have not yet revealed the season 3 episode schedule. The series will be released on the HBO Max online streaming platform.

We’re Here Season 3 Release Date

The third season is anticipated to follow a weekly release schedule and will not drop all of its episodes at once. Thus, following a similar pattern to the first and second seasons.

As with previous seasons, the total number of episodes has not yet been revealed, but it is expected to range between seven and ten. Additionally, the series is primarily produced in English, but other dubbed versions will also be available.

Trailer Update of We’re Here Season 3

Despite the fact that We’re Here has been renewed for a third season. If you want to catch up on this masterpiece, you should watch the second and first seasons on HBO. You might enjoy similar films like Amar, Hot Girls Wanted, and Rendezvous on HBO.

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