Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 8 Release Date: How and Where to Watch?

Ghost Hunters is a paranormal and reality television series based in the United States. The release date for Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 8 is approaching.

The series follows the members of TAPS in a reality series show. Jason Hawed and Grant Wilson are the duo responsible for establishing this society.

The complete title is The Atlantic Paranormal Society. They have therefore enlisted a team of paranormal investigators who will visit a location rumoured to be possessed by supernatural forces.

Here, at the haunted location, the members attempt to deconstruct the eerie atmosphere and explain the phenomenon that has been occurring all along.

Even though the series began as a soap opera cum documentary, it is now exclusively a documentary. In every episode, the team investigates reported haunted locations across the United States.

They occasionally visit other countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, for special feature episodes. There is even a spinoff series in which the Ghost Hunters are outside the United States and on international territory in order to uncover the truth.

Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 8 Release Date

The investigation is divided into several steps. When TAPS members decide to visit a location, they conduct a comprehensive survey and visit the area during the day. Then, they speak with the proprietors, who describe their experiences at the location and how haunted it is.

After confirming the various suspicions and speaking with the locals, the team decides to install their electronic equipment at the location. Thus, these paranormal hotspots are easily detectable.

Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 8 Release Date

Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 8 will be released on November 19, 2022, according to otakukart. The Sayre Specters is the title of the episode. It will air on the Travel Channel at 9 p.m. Eastern. Every Wednesday, new episodes are released.

Recap of Ghost Hunters Season 15 Episodes

The team then sets up camp and spends hours reading electromagnetic fields as well as other temperature readings and recording the environment, which may indicate the presence of some entity at these locations.

The entire process takes several days, and sometimes there is something truly eerie about the location, and other times it is just a rumour. After their investigation is completed, Hawes and Wilson collect the entire data and present it to the owners.

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They also provide information and knowledge about what could have happened at these locations to cause such chaos. They also answer any questions the homeowners may have about their property and the ghost’s reappearance.

Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 8 Release Date

The team always tries to be honest and tells them the whole truth. The TAPS team is summoned to North Carolina in Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 7, titled Poltergeist Prison. They’re trying to learn more about the whiskey distillery, which is built on top of a prison.

Locals claim that there have been haunted activities in the area, as well as physical attacks from an unknown force. This is frightening the employees who work here, so the team sets out to discover the truth.

How to Watch Episode 8 of Season 15 of Ghost Hunters?

Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 8 Release Date

When Ghost Hunters Season 15, Episode 8 premieres on The Travel Channel on the date and time specified above, it can be viewed without difficulty. Later, the entries will be accessible via the channel’s official website. For access, users will need valid cable login credentials.

Trailer of Ghost Hunters Season 15

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